Dennis A. Smith, author, blogger & IT EntrepreneurThis is the digital home of Dennis A. Smith

It's great to have you here. I am a New Zealand born author, blogger and IT Entrepreneur located in Samoa.

I'm also the CEO of the SWAP Foundation (a Samoan registered Charitable Trust). I live, work & play at Camp Samoa.

Conspiracy Analysis

I've been a truthseeker for more than 50 years and have analysed conspiracies for decades. Many of them (but not all) stack up.

Compare the results of my research with yours here . . . and yes (but shhh!) even the Holocaust is in there too!


My serious Investigative Blogging really p*sses some people off especially when their cons & scams are exposed. I am 'mortal enemies' of Ormita, Bartercard, IRTA, Universal Currency and Tradeqoin because of my fearless blogging and relentless exposes. Crooks, Crims & Crazies - you have been warned!


Is Samoa Paradise - lost, found or a busted myth? Samoa has a very small Internet presence. There's a reason for that . . . you're just not allowed to talk about it (unless it's something positive). They forgot to tell me that thought so my Sermons from Samoa keep on a-coming, reporting the unique people and culture of this Pacific Island state from a Christian world-view.

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The Qoin Con – Exposing them all

This post announces the launch of my new book THE QOIN CON – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer Sues: $2m

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer sues Blogger for $2m DATE ISSUED: 7 October 2015 PERMALINK: MEDIA CONTACT: Dennis A. Smith +685 777-9999 Documents filed in the Supreme Court of Samoa, reveal that Samoa Observer, Samoa’s largest independent newspaper is suing Investigative Blogger, Dennis A. Smith for $2m (WST) and legal costs. Claiming defamation, the Statement of Defence […]

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Suing Samoa Observer

This post is one in a series about the shady conduct of Samoa Observer. I step forward with an offer of practical help to anyone who has been ripped off (past events or in the future). I’ll help you sue them. Not only will I do that – I’ll do it for no commercial benefit for […]

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Bearing False Witness in Samoa

In this Sermon from Samoa I describe the consequences of lies and lying, a cultural norm in Paradise. The root of this accursed activity (as with all ungodly, self-destructive and anti-social behaviour) is always pride. It’s sad that the people with smiles do this so much, but that’s the world we live in eh?

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Samoa Observer’s Big F*ck-Up

Samoa Observer’s Sunday edition published a photograph of a Samoan Faafafine who had recently committed suicide. Journalists around the world know VERY WELL that putting photos of dead people hanging is something you JUST DON’T DO – let alone with a homosexual! These guys not only did it on the front page, it was full-face […]

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Cover-Up – Samoan Police (2010-2016)

Egon Keil, recently appointed Samoan Commissioner of Police was billed on his appointment as the ‘fixit man’ for corruption in the Police. In his third week of employment in his new role I met with him personally and predicted that he would have a difficult time ahead if he was serious about that intent. I also […]

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