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It's great to have you here. I am a Private Investigative Blogger, currently preparing for Itinerating throughout NZ in 2017. I ask questions, apply logic onto fact, then blog. I write from a Christian world-view. If you have a problem that you want 'out there', then I may be your man!


I am relentless & my fearless Investigative Blogging exposes, and often 'disposes' of Crooks, Crims & Crazies. Daniel Evans of the Ormita Fraud is now in permanent hiding as a result of my exposure, as are Dutch conmen Rob van Hilten & Edgar Kampers after Qoin's bankruptcy directly resulting from my investigations and blogging.

Conspiracy Analysis

I've been a truthseeker for more than 50 years and have analysed conspiracies for decades. Many of them (but not all) stack up.

Compare the results of my research with yours here . . . and yes (but shhh!) even the Holocaust is in there too!


I have an excellent understanding of the Samoan people and culture, having lived there for seven years. A large portion of more that a million published words here relate to Samoa, a difficult and challenging country, where nepotism is the norm. We call it corruption in the West. The Samoan culture is VERY different. I share much advice for greater cross-cultural understanding.

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Words of Wisdom

About this whole judgment [the Nuremberg trials] there is a spirit of vengeance, & vengeance is seldom justice

— Robert A. Taft


Hall of Shame

The Qoin Con – Exposing them all

This post announces the launch of my new book THE QOIN CON – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer Sues: $2m

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer sues Blogger for $2m DATE ISSUED: 7 October 2015 PERMALINK: MEDIA CONTACT: Dennis A. Smith +685 777-9999 Documents filed in the Supreme Court of Samoa, reveal that Samoa Observer, Samoa’s largest independent newspaper is suing Investigative Blogger, Dennis A. Smith for $2m (WST) and legal costs. Claiming defamation, the Statement of Defence […]

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Suing Samoa Observer

This post is one in a series about the shady conduct of Samoa Observer. I step forward with an offer of practical help to anyone who has been ripped off (past events or in the future). I’ll help you sue them. Not only will I do that – I’ll do it for no commercial benefit for […]

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Tuila’epa’s Assassination Complicity

In this post I share my take on anonymous Samoan blogger O Le Palamia’s (OLP’s) renewed claim that Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuila’epa, instead of being an intended victim of a political assassination, was fully knowledgeable of the assassination of a threatening political figure, if not even arranged it. With ‘plausible deniability’ a known technique of […]

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Christianity – Man of God

I write from a Christian perspective. My commentary on corruption in Samoa counters much that a strongly religious society preaches. I pass on the modern phrase that I am a “spiritual” person. I don’t attend church and am a “non-denominational Christian” but as a self-professed “Man of God” I describe the concept (granted, a label) […]

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Corruption in Samoa – PM’s Mistress

In this post I share a private (and thus far confidential) communication to Samoa’s CEO Tourism, Sonja Hunter, issued at the height of our conflict with STA. I do it in an effort to show that her inevitable shame, disgracing and downfall as knowledge that she’s the PM’s Mistress kicks in, was not a result […]

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