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Digital Development Forum

On Tuesday 23rd September I attended the Digital Development Forum in Wellington and participated in discussions to find ways to bring co-operation and collaboartion. The DDF is an initiative supported by the Government to replace the now defunct ICT-New Zealand. While most of us wonder how it will work and what it will achieve, if it achieves its aim to bring umberlla support to the IT Industry, I’m all for it. For years I’ve been encouraging those in the industry to work with others, rather than protect their own patch. I’ve written a blog post on the subject of collaboration and gave 130+ complementary copies of the Internet UNMASKED!! book to the delegates on behalf of WDANZ. [Read more…]

Lipstick On A Pig

The phrase "Lipstick on a pig" got some unexpected exposure with Senator Obama using the phrase in his electioneering. [Read more…]