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Called Out

Reflections on leaving the ‘Institutionalised Church’


Being called out of the mainstream institutionalised Church has been a challenging experience, requiring deeper levels of personal faith. The experience has necessitated coping with hurt, criticism and antagonism.

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When learning occurs

There’s a magic moment in learning that they call the Ah-hah! moment. It’s that moment when, as they say, “the penny drops”, or the “lights come on”.

As a trained educator, I’ve always sought to go for the “Ah-hah! Moment” whenever I am sharing other people, but most people are self-centric in their teaching and just don’t know how to teach. I mean R E A L L Y teach! [Read more…]

Good debtor management

A good mate of mine did some business with one of my companies recently and gave me a good lesson in taking control of debtors. He charged me $8.00 interest on a pokey little account that was only a month or so overdue.

When I found the statement I was fuming. I thought “Up you mate” then had second thoughts [Read more…]