Archives for March 2009

Seeing red over 2talk & Action

I’ll admit it – days after the fireworks and I’m still fuming about it . . . VOIP. I got one put over on me recently with a guy from Action, a 2Talk reseller. [Read more…]

Outward Bound

The last few weeks I have been preparing the relocation of the Go Kiwi Internet business from 2 Thornton Rd to 75 Porana Road.

After more than 10 years working from a home office and having five or six people through my office door and commandeering my lounge, it will be a change for us all. The down side of course is [Read more…]

Some of us are just born to lead

Hi-ho, Silver, away! (so saith The Lone Ranger).

Since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, whenever he gets hoisted onto my shoulders, this little fella (Tyrell) puts a smile on his dial. [Read more…]