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The chicken or the web?

Which came first? The chicken or the web?

It’s settled. The chicken definitely came long before the web, but my oh my, how things have been changing while the roosters have been crowing . . . the web now always comes first and everything else follows. Or it should, if you want to stay in business! [Read more…]

Go Kiwi Updates done

Go Kiwi Internet’s final LX6 – LX7 upgrades are pretty much all done now – this was a bit of a mission with [Read more…]

Brendan Battles

A story about Brendan Battles (Computerworld) caught my attention recently and if it is true (which is quite possible), is quite sad. Apparently Brendan is up to his old tricks again and has been involved in spamming – this time using SMS – text spam. [Read more…]