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    • Hi Bob

      Ouch. Sorry to hear that mate! Obviously I don’t know what you were referring to but from my experiences of working with Brendan I would not call him a liar, per se. He certainly pushed the boundaries, went over them a few times and tried to justify his actions, and that sometimes meant stretching things a bit, but I would stop short of labelling him as one of the really “bad guys” of the world.

      Like with all us creatives, he has good days and bad days. Who knows, since 2006 he may have turned ugly.

      Best we all move on I think!

  1. I just had dealings with the guy – what a rip-off merchant! Sold me a database that is 5 years out of date and now won’t return messages. My advice is to steer clear of the guy and if anyone knows how to contact him to get my $AUD500 back, then let me know!!

    • Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Someone told me he was in Florida last time I knew his whereabouts, but sorry, I do not talk with him any more. I suppose that you responded to an unsolicited advertising message? He will do anything to avoid refunding you – normally offers to give you more “quality” data if you are not happy with the first lot! Cheers.

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