Archives for May 2009

FUM – Fresh Unique Meaningful

FUM is a word (more accurately an Acronym) that I developed to describe the three reasons why Search Engines love blogs. I say that “Search Engines love FUM” – Fresh, Unique, Meaningful content. [Read more…]

Problems are Opportunities

A problem is a solution waiting to be found. Put another way; a problem is just an answer upside down or in disguise. The bigger the problem; the bigger the opportunity, and every opportunity can be a business. [Read more…]

Bad boys face their music

Gossip has now been confirmed regarding notorious spammer Brendan Battles and bankrupt 2Talk reseller Mike Hart. I can confirm that both these dudes are definitely under investigation by the appropriate authories. [Read more…]

Sloppy Global Warming Journalism

As a self-confessed conspiracy theorist, I often wonder when the majority of the population will wake up and smell the roses. At what point will others realise that the mainstream media are pawns in a game of BS, lies and dishonesty to scare monger us into the New World Order submission. Last Sunday’s “documentary” presented by John Hudson contained enough bias to cause me to make a formal complaint to TVNZ – the first time ever. [Read more…]

The personality of a paper bag

On the order of impact, personal experience beats words by a long shot, but words are a still a powerful way to convey the meaning from out of our experiences. I recently established that a young American web developer I was talking to about emmigrating to New Zealand had a sense of humour – he burst out laughing when I used the phrase “has a personality of a paper bag” in conversation. [Read more…]