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6-6-6 is not always evil

In biblical speak, the mark of the beast is represented by the number 666. There is however another 6-6-6 that can help business people understand the natural growth phases of a new business. 6 months, 6 months, 6 months. Here is a chart I developed in 2005 to eplain the phenomenon that I’d seen in my own and others’ business ventures. [Read more…]

Gamble big or Fai fai lemu

There are two ways to tackle a big project – Go for broke, or Fai fai lemu (take it easy). It impacts on Web Development work but also on life in general. [Read more…]

Forty Valuable Lessons Learned

In 1999 I was approached by a gentleman active in the Pro-Life movement who wanted help and guidance in developing a website. I took a senior role in a large project spanning four years, eventually writing half a million words, 1,000 pages and raising $150,000.00 in the process. Here are 40 lessons I learned from spearheading this project. [Read more…]

The time has finally come

It’s official. I’ve finally succumbed to the pile of papers, backlog of compliance accounting, workload and unfinished projects, and have taken the plunge. A PA. [Read more…]

Speaking at eTourism Conference

I’ve been invited to speak at the eTourism Conference 1st/2nd October, 2009 in Wellington. Organiser Lea Boodee picked up the Internet UNMASKED!! book and has invited WDANZ to have a stand. Good work Lea, past attendees have got a real buzz from the webthoughtleadership training materials.

Intelligent Investment Advice

OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking . . . “Pas possible!“, but it was a pleasure to meet an intelligent Investment Advisor last week, in Christchurch of all places. [Read more…]

Christchurch & Franchise show

I’m in Christchurch 6th & 7th August – doing the Internet UNMASKED!! Seminar and Workshop training for business. I’m presenting the same content to a large bunch of business people on the Friday arranged by our new Christchurch web design Agent.

Go Kiwi Internet is at the WDANZ stand at the Business Opportunities and Franchise expo on Friday 14th – 16th August at Auckland. I’ll be presenting the same Seminar on all three days and have offered to fill in doing the SEO Seminar in the case of illness of other speakers.

That’s what mates are for

I recently heard of a business deal where a couple of mates from high school days helped each other out in business. Now that’s what mates are for! We should all learn from this one. [Read more…]