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Real power is not 87.4%

It was Sue Bradford’s last day in parliament today. She’ll always be remembered for S59. A recent referendum in New Zealand returned a whopping 87.4% vote in favour of decriminalising smacking. The Prime Minister John Key ignored the result – worse than that, he actually determined before the vote results were in, that he wouldn’t change the law. Here’s the background to why, and what the 87.4% can do to get him to change the law and an assessment of the real role that Sue played in the “smacking debate”. [Read more…]

Samoa Stories

I dispatched three stories this week from Samoa for New Zealand Christian newspaper Challenge Weekly. Here they are with pictures: [Read more…]

Samoa’s really got it

I’ve just returned from 10 days in Samoa with Bex. An experience of a lifetime for a 15 year old girl who’s only ever had a week out of New Zealand in the Gold Coast before. Another chapter in my amazing life too, I tell you! [Read more…]

Samoa after the Tsunami

Samoa is a land of contrasts: the haves (people in positions of influence) and the have nots, Tsunami victims and those who escaped what they call locally “The Wave”. It has devastated their tourism industry but after falling in love with them following a recent holiday there, I have a vision for this tiny South Pacific nation. [Read more…]