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It’s all about relationship

As 2009, comes to a close, I am preparing to depart from the country of my birth and the land I’ve called home for more than five decades. The following message is a reflective personal encouragement for my friends and readers to focus on their building and keeping relationships, for life is all about relationships. [Read more…]

GREED – and how to deal with it

As a Palagi, you only have to have had a little to do with Samoa to recognise that greed is an issue. Here’s a few thoughts on how it manifests itself in regards to Samoa. [Read more…]

How to help Tsunami victims

I’ve been asked how to best help the Tsunami victims. The question is a complex one but there is really just one simple answer . . . [Read more…]

Brendan Battles spamming again

This is sad. I have this morning received a series of spam emails from Brendan Battles*, one of which is even addressed to himself! Someone really ought to stop this guy – if nothing other than for his own sake. [Read more…]

Warning: Daniel Evans, Ormita etc

cover-600-the-ormita-reportPUBLIC WARNING: Daniel Evans, Ormita.

Daniel Evans (aka David Harlow) is a conman. Ormita is a fraud.

These are the findings in The Ormita Report, the definitive statement on the Ormita fraud that falsely claims to have a quarter of a million members in dozens of countries and 3.4 billion dollars of annual trade. In fact, Ormita is little more than a one-man-band using smoke and mirrors to dupe investors around the globe.

Releasing on 26 March 2014, my report is over 200 pages and contains 60,000 words of facts, evidence and commentary following a major private investigation commenced in Q4, 2013. [Read more…]

Relocating to Samoa

I am currently in the process of relocating to Samoa [Read more…]