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The SWAP team are in Savaii for this long weekend (we’ve unilaterally declared this weekend a long weekend BTW!) [Read more…]

SWAP Team going strong

The last three weeks has been full-on with the SWAP team building to full complement. This delightful picture is the SWAP team hard at work yesterday. [Read more…]

The Five Tala Picture

In Samoa there are people who will just love you for who you are and those who cry “Money first!” and then allow you to enjoy their land. This guy is one of the latter group. It’s an interesting story. [Read more…]

Earthquake Fear Understood

A short earthquake this morning put the locals’ fear of a Tsunami into full frame for me. During the quake we were all wondering . . . “Is this another big one? Will there be another Tsunami?” and calls came from home to check our wellbeing. [Read more…]

Tsunami impact

A thousand photos wouldn’t be sufficient to show Samoa and the impact of the Tsunami. I know. I have more than three thousand photos taken going right back to a week or so after the big wave until last week. Here are a couple of the more interesting ones. [Read more…]

Sunday Statistics

Last Sunday I had a bit of a poke at Churchianity. This Sunday is a bit of fun with numbers . . . like how my lawyer earns more in one minute than my neighbour in Samoa does in a week. Two hundred and seventy two times more, to be precise! Surely one can only call this social injustice obscene? [Read more…]

Racism Challenges in Paradise

Normally charges of racism in New Zealand are levelled against the Pakeha (with some justification I might add), but the most racist person I ever had any dealings with was a Maori. I know it’s not politically correct for a Palagi/Pakeha to say this but it’s true. My time in Samoa has raised issues of racism and I’m sorry to say it’s not pretty-perfect in Paradise. [Read more…]

Firsts in Samoa

Bringing an entrepreneurial Palagi business brain into Samoa has raised some
issues. From various sources I can see that some of them are obviously firsts. [Read more…]

Ethical Dilemmas

A Palagi in Samoa is up against it. A constant stream of ethical dilemmas as two cultures engage with each other. [Read more…]

Yes I Love Samoa

Do I love Samoa? Ouch! What a question. As a Palagi relocating to Samoa, I certainly love aspects of Samoa but when someone raised this subject recently, it was a challenge to answer. [Read more…]