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  1. After reading your comments I was glad to understand that there is someone who shares similar views towards toursim Samoa. I visited Samoa on a number of occasions, one being early this year for a long weekend getaway and felt that they have dont nothing to establish the rebuild of their tourism post Tsunami.
    My mother is Samoan and I have family still living there but I prefer to visit hotels fales etc to experience what Samoa has to offer, and I agree on there needing to be some improvement on customer service.
    I shared my experience with my boss who is an Ozzie married to a Samoan and loves visiting Samoa. His oppinion was that what makes Samoa so special is the fact that it has little to no exposure to the world ie. it isn’t “mainstream”. I agreed with his opinion but also feel that there could be ways to market Samoa without damaging its untouched culture. Samoa is deffinately developing alot faster than it can handle and due to the education of some key leaders it has no direction.
    It is almost a frustration for me to think about the endless possibilites Samoa has to offer, and the opportunities that are at their doorstep, but it is almost impossible to be heard as you need to understand Samoan customs and culture. In order to speak and be acknowledge, you must be a local and have some chiefly status.

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