Archives for May 2010

Fundraising Samoa-style

I stopped to take a few pictures of a parade tonight, only to get caught up in a fundraising effort “to pay for our bus fares tomorrow”. Only in Samoa! [Read more…]

They’re born to steal

A friend, ex-pat Kiwi said to me about Samoans a while back, “They’re just born to steal!”. I buried the thought as an overly negative take on Samoans, until now. We’ve been burgled for the sixth time and theft is clearly a big problem here. [Read more…]

9H is underway

The last week or so I’ve been working closely with the village of Uafato. They now all want to do business under the 9th Heaven brand. That’s cool! [Read more…]

Airport Lounge underway

The last couple of weeks have been full-on with the SWAP team into video, PHP, photography, blogging and the start of The Airport Lounge. [Read more…]

Pressure to pick winners

As an entrepreneur in a foreign country it’s even more important than ever to pick a winner. There is no backstop. Mother is a long way away and the bank manager doesn’t yet know me. Again it comes down to picking the right people. Who you know and not what you know. [Read more…]

Some of the best

Just some of the best photos out of many photos taken in Samoa. A portfolio of 5,000 photos would you believe it, and gowing at the rate of hundreds every week! [Read more…]

To Church or not

It’s Sunday again in Paradise and the question arises for me again . . . “To go to church, or not?” [Read more…]