Archives for June 2010

The Other Worlds

The other day while travelling somewhere in the car I asked a guy who works for me up here if had any understanding of the Global Economy. I may as well have been speaking Swahili! [Read more…]

Fourth Sector

The Fourth Sector is a phrase used to label the rising sector of social endeavour that variously involves a combination of philanthropy, faith, goodwill, good works, mission, government, NGOs, and . . . wait for it . . . business. [Read more…]

Christian Motivation

Sunday again in Paradise. The day for Christian things. Palagi or Samoan, Christian or not you can’t escape the church thing here. My motivation for relocating to Samoa is in essence also religious. [Read more…]

Cultural challenges

You can’t bring a Kiwi culture and a Kiwi way of life to Samoa and expect it to work the same. It doesn’t! It’s far better to go with the flow and do it their way. Here are some of the adjustments I’ve had to make. . . [Read more…]

The Tala Talks

I wrote once before that I saw no corruption in Samoa – just good people doing their jobs. I was wrong. What is called nepotism, bribery and corruption in the Western world are the way of life here. [Read more…]