Archives for July 2010

My Most Favouritist Place

You’d think that it would be Samoa. It’s not – well not yet anyway! Ready for it? It’s Mount Ruapehu. [Read more…]

The Product – Sunday in Samoa

A friend recently sent me an email with questions asking us (Christians) what our product was and whether we were marketing it right. I answered that the product is “Relationship” and we don’t need and shouldn’t want any marketing at all. [Read more…]

44 snippets from Samoa

A bunch of snippets of Palagi life in Samoa for those interested. [Read more…]

Shower ’em with Love

Facing fairly severe “reverse” racism at times in Samoa, I’ve had to adjust to a different way of doing things from my ingrained patterns of behaviour. Justifiable indignation and defensive aggression must be replaced with another approach – one that more closely resembles grace. I call it here “Showering ’em with love”. It’s a tricky subject that’ll have you thinking! [Read more…]

Just a little bit of evil

A colleague in Paradise recently suggested that I should learn that in Samoa, “You have to do a little bit of evil to do good!” I bit my tongue for all of 24 hours hours and then we had a ‘little discussion’. That discussion has now been going on for three weeks! It’s Sunday again today and that’s my trigger to speak religious about this pickly little subject. [Read more…]

Facebook is alive and well

I’ve succumbed. Facebook rulz. [Read more…]

Observations on sin

I’ve observed a pattern in regards to sin (i.e. doing something wrong) and it’s consequences. There’s always a starting point; a clearly identifiable time and place in ones’ life when it started. [Read more…]

Force be with you

“May the Force be with you . . . “ and so my daughters had a bodyguard while they were in Samoa recently! [Read more…]

Value Adding

Samoa wants more business, more tourists, more international investments, but making a poorly run business bigger simply makes a bigger poorly run business. [Read more…]

A challenging month

A few challenging weeks have just past. My daughters Rebecca and Ashlea are now home in New Zealand after spending a week in paradise. [Read more…]