Archives for August 2010

Victoria’s House

A friend has asked me about construction in Samoa. Here’s Victoria’s house, a Tsunami replacement job with comments. [Read more…]

Diary of a visionary

The Prime Minister of Samoa Tuila’epa (He says “Just call me Tui”) opened our first business in Samoa on Friday and amongst other things thanked me for bringing vision to his country. This post is a sample of an extraordinary three day period – a snapshot of the last three days in the life of an IT Entrepreneur in Samoa. [Read more…]

Why does it happen?

Lots of people I meet ask me questions about Samoa – people I know and strangers I meet here – both Palagi and Samoan. One of the deeper questions relates to why the Tsunami happened. Here’s another Sunday sermon from Paradise. Hint: Bypass it if you’re not curious, religious or don’t feel like imbibing some theology something deep and meaningful! [Read more…]

Politics & Power in Paradise

Samoa is well recognised as a highly political country. It doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, there is this deep political undertone that influences Samoan thinking and behaviour. Read more, if you dare! [Read more…]

Time for Justice

In this post I share the dealing with a series of crimes committed by a young Samoan man and his accomplice; a trusted man and his girlfriend who abused that trust, who showed no real remorse, refused to repent and will likely be sentenced to a long time behind bars. I forced the matter and feel really good about it, well sort of . . . [Read more…]