Archives for September 2010

Dealing with trouble

In another Sunday Sermon from Samoa I share the words of other Palagi who see things wrong in Samoa and explain how speaking the truth in love creates a solution for a troublesome situation. Doing this helps others to grow and mature (and in a Christian context, in their faith). Simple. Effective. Powerful. [Read more…]

Samoan Power and Money

In this latest Sermon from Samoa I explain how I see Power and Money to also be key influencers in rural third world Samoa, surprisingly perhaps, even as they are obviously key influencers in the Western world. [Read more…]

Religious approaches

Years and years ago I heard this. Never thought to look for it but stumbled upon it today again: [Read more…]

The world is broken

Christian Apologetic and preacher Ravi Zacharias puts it so eloquently (not!) when he says, “[The] World is … broken“. It is Sunday again in Samoa and this is how the QUOTE broken UNQUOTE world looks from within Paradise. [Read more…]

Mistrust Breeds Poverty

It is well recognized that poverty breeds mistrust (as well as a host of other nasties like conflict). The opposite however is also true, especially considering that poverty is primarily a mindset. Mistrust is rampant in Samoa. In this “Sermon from Samoa” I share examples from around me in Samoa of how mistrust breeds poverty. [Read more…]