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Persona Non Grata

In this Sermon from Samoa I answer the question, “What did I do so wrong that I got beaten by and am now unwelcome from many of those whom I lived with and loved, and yet others love and appreciate me and my work?” Speaking the truth is a polarising act. The explanation is humbling. I simply didn’t understand. [Read more…]

The slippery slide

In this Sermon from Samoa, I work back “up to the cliff” and show how the slippery slide first begins, and show how bloomin’ hard it is to get off once you’re on it. I share how two young men came into blessing, were tempted, succumbed to temptation and then effectively destroyed their futures by retaining a desire for wrong. [Read more…]

Getting my attention

If ever there was a way to get my attention then this was it from an aging friend: “This may well be my last Salt Shaker [newsletter]. I am now into my 93rd year. My health is not what it used to be. So here are the two most important things I’d like to say to young, emerging leaders.” [Read more…]

Learning through imbibing

In this Sermon from Samoa, I take a gentle “whack” at the modern concepts of education, and instead of going with the flow, try to point us back to the traditional concepts of learning through imbibing (a.k.a. discipling). [Read more…]

The Samoan Way

In relocating into a foreign culture there is an enormous pressure to conform and become like those around you. This challenge, how much and when to adopt the local ways or to retain other values (that will certainly cause a degree of social ostracism) is easily solved by using the Scriptures as a reference point. [Read more…]