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The 2-edged sword of Exposure

Exposure is a marketer’s aim and successful exposure is represented by increased sales, more bums on seats, higher occupancy levels, increased brand awareness, better reputation and of course an improved bottom-line. Blogs, User-Generated-Content websites such as TripAdvisor and Social Media websites such as Facebook all help generate exposure for a business or an individual, but this can be a two edged sword. [Read more…]

Samoa gets it right

It’s Sunday in Samoa. I know because I awake coughing from a mist of Umu smoke, and church bells from East and West letting me know it’s time to get along for my weekly monetary collection session compulsory spiritual guidance session. In this Sermon from Samoa I talk about how Samoa has got it right – not with the church thing but with it’s focus on relationships, even if I do think they take it a little too far. [Read more…]

Bad cops, good cop

Samoa turned it on again today, as only Samoa can do! I was arrested and charged. I’ve been told that I will be summonsed to court at a date of someone else’s choosing, who knows when. New Zealand’s top cop says – “Document it all well and have your day in court.” Great! Doesn’t it just want to make you want to invest into Samoa? Or maybe relocate here to live and do business in Paradise? Yeah right! [Read more…]

But God

Sometimes the life of (Christian) faith requires us to walk outside one’s comfort zone, simultaneously stretching ourselves and being stretched. Nothing can be truer of my time in Samoa, an intense 13-month circuit that has oscillated between Heaven and Hell. [Read more…]

Shooting straight

Shooting straight, i.e. telling it like it is, is an exciting way to live, with great opportunities for personal growth, peace, happiness, and return on investment but it can also be a nasty way to die. [Read more…]

Reflections on the West

A week after I returned to the Western world I’m in reverse culture shock. Returning to the world I’ve lived in most of my life, and I find that I’m different. Here are some of the recent challenges. [Read more…]

John Campbell vs PM Tuila’epa

I’m intrigued by the current spat between John Campbell and Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuila’epa. From what I’ve seen so far, my money’s firmly on the PM. I’ll eat humble pie and apologise to JC if I’m wrong! [Read more…]