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Chinese language domination

I’m intrigued that Chinese is heralded as the future dominant language of the Internet, closing in on English very quickly.

Missing the point

It’s Sunday again so the God talk begins. In another Sermon from Samoa I share the age-old message that the world is missing the point. We all get distracted by people and things, and living a remarkably shallow existence but we often forget to get a “life”. Unfortunately the reality is that many people don’t want to dig deeper and so miss the point. [Read more…]

Facebook connections

L loves the way this little puppy shows a concept foreign to Samoans in power – Facebook and global interconnectedness. I will be printing it off in A3 colour and then laminating it for the PM. They say a picture is worth . . .

Facebook Draws a Map of the Connected World: Tech News «

When you have almost 600 million users and a “social graph” of the connections between them, you can do a lot with that data — so a Facebook intern plotted the connections between millions of users and came up with a map of the socially connected world.



Futurologists agree?

Futurologists all agree please:

Which visionary said this when talking about a Tipping Point?

“The result should be sufficiently attractive to use that it the information contained would grow past a critical threshold, so that the usefulness the scheme would in turn encourage its increased use.”

The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized

A hand conversion to HTML of the original MacWord (or Word for Mac?) document written in March 1989 and later redistributed unchanged apart from the date added in May 1990. Provided for historical interest only.

Exposing Samoa

The game of exposure, especially from outside of the mainstream media, is one of the paradigm shifts in business, politics and marketing since the arrival of the Internet. Samoa (as well as any brand or business) needs to understand this change, and to develop systems that generate the required exposure. [Read more…]

Samoa Tourism Exchange 2010

I have spent the last couple of days at the Samoa Tourism Authority’s annual talkfest. I’ve been asked to keep it positive. Sorry, I can’t do that because the world wants to know the truth about Samoa. So I’ll keep it honest but it will be balanced. My take is that Samoa Tourism has some pretty big issues to deal with; they’re getting there, but not as fast as other destinations are! Here are the gory details . . .

UPDATED: June 2013 with a 24,000 word eBook. Read the executive Summary and FREE download Connecting the DOTS – analysing the Samoan Tourism ‘Crisis’

[Read more…]