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  1. […] Their story is similar to any one of the smaller operators – they have no marketing or business experience. They built their business as best they could over a six year period with offshore family help. When they thought they were ready they went to the Samoa Tourism Authority and asked for help. According to them, the STA finally sent some girls around who told them what was wrong with their resort, and then did nothing more. They were advised to apply for funding through the PSSF. They did this and their funding assistance for marketing was denied. They had reached a dead end before contacting us. As with many things here, it is not money that people need it is simply time and TLC. Beaurocrats by their very nature can never and will never be able to do that. Nobody trusts them – especially in Samoa! While SWAP brings expertise and can help with business strategy and online marketing, it is actually hope, meaning and purpose that people need most of all in this emerging third world country rather than money. […]

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