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Limousine meet the container

The limousine is now all spruced up and in the Silverdale yard.

Sorry no photos yet – we gotta announce it in the Samoan news media first!

Tui reckons that Tui has made it perfectly ready for Tui. [Interpretation: Tui (Tuigamala) saw the vehicle for the first time yesterday and said that Tui (Salamau) has done a great job with new wheels and a good servicing it ready for the Prime Minister (Just call me Tui) Tuila’epa.

Thanks team!

Samoan Cabinet

This all bodes well for Samoa over the next few years . . .


1. Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi

Prime Minister:

In Charge of: [Read more…]

Irrational and ritualistic behavior

I love it:

Western society possesses an ineradicable substratum of irrationality and ritualistic behavior

Thanks Paul for reading Jenkins and drawing it out so well. Comment made when comparing Western and the “Two”-Third(s) world.

Living in the third world after having spent my life in the Western world this is a very clever and true turn of phrase.

Iraq war recap

Al Jazera nails it in one ten:

  1. 4,400 US soldiers lost
  2. Bankrupting the nation
  3. Hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis
  4. Power still out
  5. Millions fled their homes
  6. Forced into prostitution
  7. Poisoning Iraqi society
  8. Trading one strongman for another
  9. Recruitment ad for al-Qaeda;
  10. Rewarding war criminals

Personally I believe the numbers are way too light – for example a soldier shipped off the Iraqi battlefield and later dies is not counted … it is likely that 1m Iraqis are dead not 100s of thousands … and Depleted Uranium will render Iraq inhabitable (within a few short years) just as scriptures told us it would happen.

All incredibly sad but when we realise the truth about our leaders and media spinning yarns, we become wiser and less like pawns in their games.

Palesinian vs Israel

50x mortar rounds from Palestinians then heavy response from Israel. Bible says Princes of Edom (modern day Palestinians) will inherit an empty kingdom ( then get wiped out. Not nice I know but do not be surprised when it happens. Story H/T: D Bay

Cross-cultural challenges

I like comments from Lindsey Alvarez, Peace Corps Volunteer, Samoa about cross-cultural challenges. She gives a succinct account of her revelation of need to change her thinking & adapt – a critical component to successful integration, comparing it to a snake shedding its skin

Propaganda 101

I like the simplicity of this conspiracy phrase regarding moves to establish the NWO:

the skill of the propagandist is to gradually unfold a predetermined plan in the daily news so events appear to be either random or the result of accidental forces which have seized the moment. – David Bay

– subscription newsletter.


Watch for Regional Military Cooperation

I agree with David Bay that a major step has been taken towards the development of one of the ten planned regional nations.

Whenever you see military cooperating it is a major clue. His take on things – this is a MAJOR event.

I’ll bury them all!

We have laughed about a mate of ours who missed out on the elections here. He’s a professional embalmer who has a sense of humour (true). He wants us to go into the undertaking business with him. Says “They [his village] wouldn’t vote for me, so I’ll set up in business & bury them all – one by one!”

We nearly died laughing & would’ve been our own first customers!

We asked him about the numbers, return on investment and suchlike. He said “We’re going to make a killing!”

More laughs!

Then he spits out his punchline: “Trust me! I’ll be the last one to let you down!”

Get it? This guy’s a character! Who would have ever thought I’d be in the dead-body business, in Samoa of all places? I guess an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur in any culture eh?


Go Kiwi Internet clientbase sold

Today we sold the clientbase of Go Kiwi Internet. It’s a big day. Apart from being flush with cash again it is an emotional moment.

I started web development in 1997 and GKI in 1999. Sad to say goodbye to all my clients, but Samoa beckons and we have some cool tricks hiding up our sleeve.