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Name changes – big calls

Changing the name of an organisation is hard work and a big call.

It seems like everyone wants to rebrand themselves, sometimes for good reason! [Read more…]

Fa’a Goff (don’t say it too quickly!)

A Samoan friend in high places joked with me once about when Phil Goff left Samoa a while back and someone yelled out to him “Fa’a Goff!” and everyone around cracked up laughing. They had said it just a little too fast and of course it came out sounding, well, rude . . .

Fa’a means goodbye in Samoan, BTW. [Read more…]

Hardship fuels gold sales

Hardship fuels gold sales in American Samoa

As one who thinks he understands a little of the basics of the New World Order, and a managed economy by the International banking cartel, I’m saddened that somebody here will be making a LOT of money by buying gold from people who have little idea of its real worth in the days ahead.

It’s business, but oh how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!



Churches stealing power too?

EPC, Samoa’s Power company, says that they lose $2.8m per annum in power theft. Far out that’s big shrinkage in a small country!

But do the churches really steal power too? Apparently so.

Unbelievable, well actually more sad, but as they say here . . . “only in Samoa!”