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Initiana Konese Bus under way

A typical Samoan bus

A typical Samoan bus - wooden body on a Toyota truck chassis and motor. Oozing with character and itching for a bit of fun!

Last week, Debbie and I decided to push forward with an idea that I first conceptualised in 2009, and setup in March of 2010 – a themed bus for the marketing of Samoa.

Imagine what Walt Disney would do with a local wooden-body bus in Samoa and cross that with Bill Gates in IT, Marketing Stevo from Apple, and what Croc Dundee did for Australian Tourism marketing.

That’s it basically. [Read more…]

Dumb Samoans, Dumb Palagi

Apia bus terminal

Apia Bus Terminal. The bus will get here when it gets here . . . OK?

The cross-cultural thing here in Samoa is huge. Engaging with a third world country has been and is still a real challenge for us, and for Kiwis and Australians, just slipping up to Paradise is fraught with cultural danger. Here are a few cross-cultural exchanges with the thinking process behind each culture. It happens here every day!

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A great comparison

Samoan Church bell

A couple of Samoa church bells - hit with a steel

I stumbled upon a great comparison of the Western culture vs the Samoan culture while “working” today . . . [Read more…]

Only in Samoa

Samoan girl

Kids in Samoa are delightful - the world over they make you smile when they sing out to you "Palagi!".

Phone rang last night . . . I go to answer it . . . nobody there. Less than a minute later the same caller (775-1195) texts me “Please Call Me: +6857751195”.

So I do . . .

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Faith is hard and hurts

Samoan pankeke cooking

Samoan pankeke cooking - there is an abundance of cheap food in the third-world Paradise, if you know where to look.

A Facebook friend is raising funds to come to Samoa. He’s got it all worked out but is a few bites short of a full biscuit at this stage. He says now that fund-raising for missions sucks, and that he’s hurting. Arrrrr, I understand that predicament REALLY well! [Read more…]

Shooting the Messenger

Clock Tower and clouds

Clock Tower - centre of Apia. Normally photographed in sunshine, but rain clouds on the hills are common in the afternoons.

It’s Sunday again and in this Sermon from Samoa, I explain how easy it is to, and share the folly of . . . you guessed it . . . shooting the messenger. No Samoa bashing, I promise! It’s all for the positive in cross-cultural understanding today!

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Samoa Internet costs – a comparison

Samoa Internet Pricing

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People in business in Samoa talk about the high cost of the Internet. Tourists expect to pay a bit more but still hurt when they find the price resorts and Internet cafes charge. But rarely do I see this pain quantified.

Here it is in graphical form.   [Read more…]

Helping yourself is hard

Aid delivery truck following the 2009 Samoa Tsunami. Disasters bring out the best and worst in people. Encouraging people to help themselves the rest of the time is not easy in Samoa!

The last few weeks have witnessed a whole bunch of challenges around me – some for us, but many for others here in Paradise Samoa. In this Sermon from Samoa I explain how dealing with a challenge effectively requires us to first see our issue in the proper context, measuring reality as best as we can, and then taking constructive steps to help ourselves. Simple to say, but hard to do. [Read more…]

Domain Name Investment business for sale

Domain Name Business for sale

Domain Name Business for sale as listed on TradeMe

I’ve finally put my entire portfolio of domain names on the market, with all my really good New Zealand phone numbers too. [Read more…]