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Go the Manu

Samoa got tipped out of the Rugby World Cup last night – sad, but inevitable.

A sea of red and blue covered the country and partied long into the night.

Samoa was outplayed and outthought in the tournament – yes some of the loss was at the hands of the IRB with their “unfair” treatment of the smaller countries but that was only one aspect of the loss. All heart, is the name of the game from the boys that we are all proud of. Now, our tune will have to change from “Go the Manu!” to “Go Black!”

A typical car in Apia yesterday decked out in multiple flags and all painted up for the big game. [Read more…]

Samoa Tourism is in big trouble

For those who didn’t already know or guess it, the Samoa tourism sector is in big trouble. No amount of fast talking and positive thinking can cover the facts released by Samoa Tourism Authority today. In a nutshell, tourism is down by over 7% on the same period last year and the previous year was down by over 13% on the 2009 figures.

Any business registering a 20% fall inside two years is generally in serious trouble. In this Sermon from Samoa, I totally avoid the blame game (such as blaming Air NZ for pulling their USA direct flights, the ash clouds, the Tsunami, school holidays – whatever) and I share some important factors for the way forward for the leaders – from the Bible.

UPDATED: July 2013 with a 48,000 word eBook. Read the executive Summary and FREE download Connecting the DOTS – analysing the Samoan Tourism ‘Crisis’

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Helping the helpers is hard work

Septic Tank Construction

Learning experiences all round - Septic Tank Construction in Samoa

Working in the Voluntourism Industry isn’t easy. It sounds “sexy” but it is hard work, and dealing many people who may want to help but have agendas and issues of their own.

There’s a limit to what you can do for people when helping them adjust to a new environment. You can teach and preach, yet ultimately “everyone is their own man” and you can only hope and pray that when they eventually fall, while they may crash, they do not burn!

Among the many projects and relationships we are establishing here, one of my core missions is to help people coming to Samoa to “help” – helping the helpers, but it is not easy.

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False Humility & Tall Poppies

Poet James Thomson

Poet James Thomson

I was sitting in the VIP Lounge at the airport today and talked with a man very high up in government. I asked him what he did. “Oh, I’m a nobody!” he said.

This was false humility, as he was a powerful, connected and important person (and no, it wasn’t the PM, if that’s what you’re thinking – Tuila’epa doesn’t have that problem).

In this Sermon from Samoa I talk about Me! Me! Me! figuratively, and literally. [Read more…]

Making & keeping real friends

Twin Towers

One card from a series of playing cards by Illuminati gamer S Jackson, dated 1995, six years before the 9-11 event.*

“I think I will de-friend any 911 truthers…idiots!” . . . said one blogger. Another was more direct, invited his Facebook friends to “confess” and then threatened to defriend anyone if they dared to suggest that the 9-11 fiasco was a false-flag event.

Goodness me what a temptation . . . so I stepped right up to the mark and “confessed” my crimes. I did it, he did (CYA!) and thus marked another example of opinionated bigotry.

Bugger off I’ll defriend you if you don’t agree with me”, is the guts of it, sounding a lot like the days of Hitler when what you thought or valued had to align with others.

Sunday’s Sermon from Samoa is (for those who like to gossip) nothing to do with Samoa, but more to do with being blinded by blinkers and keeping friendships. It’s easy to put our head in the sand, and hard to keep friends. [Read more…]


Girls just want to have fun!

Girls just want to have fun!

New word for the day: Predeterminationing – the act and propensity to predetermine how events and things in the future will be, or something like that a.k.a. telling a book by its cover. Sounds much more pompous than a multi-word phrase -)

HINT: It’s not a good thing to do.

That’s the essence of this Sermon from Samoa. [Read more…]

Dealing with spin

Samoan-style giving

Action shot of Samoan-style fund-raising. Grandma in the front tossing in a few coins, girls dancing (just heading off screen), and bean-counters in the background, egging it all on. An engaging performance, part act, ritual, fun and accepted social interaction!

As a long-time conspiracy theorist, I am always intrigued when the “spin” is finally unspun – it always is, eventually: Hitler, Bill ‘I never had sex with that woman’ Clinton, Pearl Harbour, Helen Clark’s multiple ‘Gates, the 9-11 War on Terror, and more. In this Sermon from Samoa, I share how spin undermines God’s best intentions for us all, including Samoa.

Two reports I’ve read this morning elaborate how the media is used to achieve a particular goal – the Urewera Debacle, and the Hubbard Debacle. As a truth seeker and one who strives to also be a truth speaker, I highlight the manipulations in these two situations thus:

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And the purpose is?

Teuila FestivalThe recently completed Teuila Festival 2011 has been a real success – at least compared to last year’s offering. No doubt the Samoa Tourism Authority will be well pleased. Savali editor Tupuola Terry Tavita makes some good suggestions and speaks quite frankly about the poor tourism participation at Teuila in his recent editorial.

The unasked question is: “What is the purpose [of the event]?” because as Terry observes – it is all about Samoa, not on generating tourism.  [Read more…]