Go the Manu

Samoa got tipped out of the Rugby World Cup last night – sad, but inevitable.

A sea of red and blue covered the country and partied long into the night.

Samoa was outplayed and outthought in the tournament – yes some of the loss was at the hands of the IRB with their “unfair” treatment of the smaller countries but that was only one aspect of the loss. All heart, is the name of the game from the boys that we are all proud of. Now, our tune will have to change from “Go the Manu!” to “Go Black!”

A typical car in Apia yesterday decked out in multiple flags and all painted up for the big game.

Holding the flag for the country!

Taxis, too! Snapped from the SWAP Mobile mid afternoon. Note the cars on the LHS painted up too!

Digicel – the local cellphone giant, major supporter. Sad that they didn’t get a quarter-final but they will still have good brand association none-the-less.

GO MANU . . . even at the top of the Faleata Catholic church reconstruction!

Our local bus Falelauniu had some of the loudest marketing, front and back.

Face stickers all the rage the whole town over. Farmer Joe employee is in on the act too!

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  1. Peter Vandever says:

    Samoa did NOT even have a team in the World Cup. Samoa has a bunch of Kiwi playing for Samoa! Big difference.

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