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When learning occurs

Thomas Duquennoy

Thomas Duquennoy – A very clever rendition of the French Flag flies in Samoa, but only for a little while until the Ah Hah moment arrived!

In any learning process, there is a clearly defined moment – a point in time – when learning occurs. I mentioned it back in 2008 here. Commonly referred to as the moment “when the penny drops”, it is called the “Ah hah moment!” and is widely attributed to Archimedes. It’s the moment when we “get it”. An epiphany.

Over the last couple of years there have been many such moments for me as I have engaged with Samoa. As I increase engagement with Palagi guests, I now watch other Palagi wrestle with cross-cultural issues, the same as I did when I first came here.

To put it simply, Samoa and Samoan culture is so hugely different to the Western world that it takes a good year (or more) for a Palagi to truly understand the differences, [Read more…]