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404 – FOR ah . . . FOUR weeks

One 404? That’s an error. A few 404’s and it’s a problem. All historical documents a 404? That’s a disaster. Left that way for weeks? That’s gross incompetence and in online-speak: terminal.

I despair – I really do! Three stories from Paradise have wound me up today . . .

1. A 404 – FOR ah . . . FOUR weeks, and counting!

I used to use Samoa Observer’s website for researching news and information about Samoa. Not anymore it seems. Every link in Google search comes up with a 404 – Page not found. It has been like that for weeks now since they installed their new system – ouch! This sends a very simple clear message to Google – GNA i.e We have gone with no forwarding address. [Read more…]

The Thank You Economy

An anonymous group (no names or bios listed on their website) called Emerging Leadership has provided a precis of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book The Thank You Economy. A shame that they don’t ID themselves and practice what they are recommending! [Read more…]

Idea thievery

Palolo Festival LogoI shared a new business idea that we’re doing in Samoa with a friend recently. “Man, that’s such a good idea, the Tourism Authority will be sure to steal your ideas and do it themselves!” he warned me.

Maybe so, as their MO doing just that is well recognised locally! [Read more…]

Negative Trip Advisor Feedback

Taga blowholes, Savaii. Photo taken of our client before he was unhappy i.e. before he had to pay!

An angry client recently threatened me with a negative review on Trip Advisor, and a lot more too actually! At first I was afraid of the consequences with most things or situations in which fear raises its ugly head, most of the time it is actually all hot air.

Such fear can dissolve though when we have a little time to process, apply some wisdom and a bit of common sense. [Read more…]