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Savaii Tourism Association gathers momentum

I’ve just spent a weekend in Savaii again, this time following an invitation from the secretary of SSTA (Savaii Samoa Tourist Association) to attend their AGM. In a few words I would summarise the event as “words, words and words”. Silky words. Big words. Silly words and of course a few little porkies thrown in to keep the event interesting. [Read more…]

.nz 2LD Domain Space Consultation

DNCInternet NZ has been under pressure to release the .nz namespace. Put simply, this means that they are looking to do away with the CO in a domain. Oh but they say the existing names will continue to work and be valid!

It therefore means that if the proposal goes ahead, my substantial investment in the domain name will be totally devalued; I will need to protect my current online IP by spending more money to secure; and because someone else owns, I cannot even register without their permission, approval or cooperation. If we never agree, neither of us will ever be able to use

Now multiply this by a gazillion domain names and . . . OMG!! [Read more…]

The Real Reality

Passengers on a Samoan bus

Passengers on a Samoan bus . . . unsophisticated third world living

Problems, problems, problems . . . and they all started with just a little snake! For a million people there appear to be a million realities. How to find the REAL reality? Trying to make sense of a fast changing, mixed up world can set your mind spinning, but by humbling ourselves and asking questions with a biblical mindset, truth-divining to get that magical grasp on the real reality is actually not that complex. Scary though it may be!

Prepare to be inspired . . .

[Read more…]

Only the Bulls-eye

BullseyeWhen I work with a business, I always try to find what I call the bulls-eye. This is the one thing (yes just one thing) that really stands out. I then work with that concept, idea or asset and use it as the key, the main selling point and the central focus of my energies.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share how this has outworked for me in practice here in Samoa and also note how I’m in very good company, for Jesus did the same. [Read more…]

Now why didn’t I think of that?

I‘m pleased to have published the Palolo Festival website today. I think that it’s a great idea, one that has been just waiting to happen for yonks.

However as I mentioned in a previous post, it wasn’t my idea. I just had the “balls” to do it and the brains to make it happen in a way that will be sustainable, hopefully touching many lives as it develops and grows over the years ahead.

I’ve done with the Palolo Festival what I did with another slightly similar idea years ago, Light Party, a Halloween alternative. I’m not short on ideas, but today I’ve used someone else’s idea, then developed it into something I think is really good. [Read more…]

God is Greedy

Thomas, a SWAP Ambassador acting as a “French/Greek” god in front of the Taga blowholes. A delightfully creative … umm … idiot, oops, no, I mean photo!

Standard church teaching in Samoa is that God requires a tithe – supposedly 10% of our income, but in actual practice here, a lot more. The churches almost universally teach that this tithe (to be paid in cash) should be given to . . . of course . . . themselves, i.e. the church. Tithing is a biblical principle they say, and God will ensure that blessings will result for the giver. In this sermon from Samoa I draw attention to the fact that this teaching has many fundamental errors and address the issue of whether God is Greedy or not.

My take on it all, in all seriousness is that he very definitely IS! [Read more…]