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A pretty direct summary

In the process of researching the subject of Usury for an upcoming edition of Palagi Perspectives, I stumbled upon this summary of “those who should not be mentioned”. [Read more…]

White Sunday

Palagi Perspectives

Safotu Catholic Church

Safotu Catholic Church – White Sunday 2009

There are some things that Samoa does really well. Celebrating White Sunday is one of them.

I’ve lived in Samoa for three years now and I always get excited when I see the hoopla and pizzazz around the White Sunday celebration.

I’m constantly told that “it’s for the kids!” but I know very well that there are always two stories in Paradise. Let’s be honest about it. Is it not also for the big kids too?

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Palagi Perspectives

On White Sunday 2009 I was on holiday with my daughter Rebecca in Safotu, Savaii, Samoa. The country was gradually coming to terms with the impact of the September 2009 Tsunami and I was a tourist, interested but only just getting interested in the future of the country.

Three years later, on White Sunday 2012, the Samoa Observer will commence publishing a weekly column called Palagi Perspectives. I am definitely a Palagi with a “perspective” having engaged fairly deeply with this unique, South Pacific country and culture. [Read more…]

GoDaddy Hosting overload

My website has been running slow and timing out recently. A pattern has emerged that it is daily at the same times – fortunately in the middle of the night for me and my clients but unprofessional none the least! [Read more…]