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The hidden causes

Palagi Perspectives

Pall Mall & Vailima

Scripture teaches us that the root cause of evil is pride. The root of all negative behaviour then, such as anything anti-social, illegal, immoral or ungodly must then also be caused by pride.

While it’s easy to identify things such as smoking, unrighteous anger and self-destructive tendencies as sin, it’s not always easy to track back to those hidden causes. [Read more…]

Church buildings – great but not biblical

Palagi Perspectives

Samoa Church

A Samoan church – an imposing sight and source of pride

A noticeable feature of the Samoan landscape that always catches our Palagi visitors’ attention is the plethora of churches in Samoa. Depending on your perspective this can be either a good thing or not.

It is rare that a guest from offshore will not make mention of Samoa’s remarkable infatuation with big, bright and expensive church buildings.

Please let it be known that I love church architecture, the majesty of towers rising to the heights, the glorious sounds of church bells in the distance and the enormous efforts of a village to show their capacity to conceptualise, work together, fund and produce such amazing structures. [Read more…]

Really living the life

As I mentioned previously, the recent publication of the Palagi Perspectives in Samoa’s primary newspaper (Samoa Observer) has increased my exposure in Samoa. This Sermon from Samoa is personal and details in more depth some of the challenges that a straight-talking, deep-thinking, Christian blogger living in Samoa faces when penning words that could (dare I say will) offend in a country steeped in ultra-political correctness. I share how I find information on a topic, then identify truth and formulate ideas for publication. [Read more…]

Tell it like it is

Palagi Perspectives

The dream – a South pacific Island Paradise!

In 2007 I asked Dick Brunton, founder of Colmar Brunton, one of New Zealand’s leading research companies what the biggest take-home was from his many years in business.

“Authenticity in marketing,” was his reply. “People can smell ‘BS’ from 100 paces.”

“I believe that businesses should aim to create depth to the customer and staff sensory experience, but that authenticity in marketing that service is vital” he explained.

Put another way he was saying, “By all means, create something nice for people, but whatever you do, don’t misrepresent it to the world. Tell it like it is.” [Read more…]

Nuts . . . 5,000 Peanuts actually

Peanuts drying in the sun

Some updates from Paradise follow.

Nuts, nuts and more nuts. Someone had to do it . . . 2,4,6,8,10 . . . 5546,5548,5550 . . . five thousand five hundred and fifty peanut seeds, more or less exactly!

Yes we counted them and assuming that there’s a 10% failure rate, [Read more…]

Jerks, Jellyfish & Jesus

God gets the blame for a lot of things, and not always bad things either. In this Sermon from Samoa I highlight the shallow thinking that diminishes the majesty of our loving Creator. [Read more…]

The cross-cultural interchange

Palagi Perspectives

A Samoan Shack – relative poverty can be a cross-cultural challenge.

A Palagi visiting Samoa for the first time is challenged by the different culture. In some ways the South Pacific Island Paradise experience can be quite brutal.

For those not used to the tropics, the high humidity can catch us off-guard. “Oh it’s sooooo hot here!” is a common utterance, as it takes us a little while to learn that heat and humidity are actually quite different. [Read more…]