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The evil of Usury

Palagi Perspectives

Samoan money – like all modern national currencies a fiat currency

Samoa needs more debt “like a fish needs a bicycle”.

Power and money issues rest in the domain of politics, a seedy world that can be likened to a game of strategy, one-up-manship and make-believe. The devil offered Christ control of this world. He passed on that offer but others play this game well.

A debtor always justifies borrowing money. Who would naturally volunteer, “I’ve just bought a car on ‘tick’ but I really can’t afford it”?

Politicians would never say the words, “We’ve just increased our countries debt. There is no way the country will ever be able to pay it back, but we simply had to do it!” They’d be removed.

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Gambling – Systemised Stupidity

Palagi Perspectives

The meme that “Samoa is Founded upon God” rings hollow to many of our guests who question how churches can run bingo, and the government sanction Lotto. The hypocrisy is glaringly obvious to them, as it is to me.

We can all do the simple mathematics and know that when gambling, few win – many lose. [Read more…]

The Heart of Samoa

Gift giving - a pig at Siusega Catholic Church

Gift giving – a pig at Siusega Catholic Church

There are many aspects of Samoan culture that impress the Palagi. We look at the strong family relationships with envy; the personal attributes such as the sporting passion or even (dare we admit it) Samoa’s religious zeal; and the environmental differences like the housing and simple subsistence living. [Read more…]