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  1. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent woman, with a degree in accountancy, and the added bonus of having lived with this ‘uniquely minded gifted individual’, but Dennis – I don’t understand what you are talking about here. How does the system actually work? Can you give it to us in ten bullet points, please?

    • It would be best to follow the link: http://www.clubcredits.org/ then work through WIIFM, then How Does it Work.

      Club Credits is an international floating currency with a simple online transaction platform.
      Mutual (unlimited) Credit is fully peer-to-peer managed with contiguous trust between participants.
      Commissions on sale of 5% are distributed (by formula) to a Reserve Fund and to introducing participants.
      The entire Club Credits brand and system is in the “commons”.

      Only four bullet points are needed:
      1. You get a free Club Credits Code.
      2. Your Club Credits Code enables you to trade with others using the C$ currency.
      3. You can access free credit if you need it and are “good for it”.
      4. You get commissions on sales that anyone you introduce makes, down the line.

      Paying commissions on use of interest free credit as explained in the post inverts the current banking business model. Inverting it with credit issued by the participants themselves (aka “reclaiming the commons”) spreads income to the people who actually *DO* the work. Creating money out of thin air then charging interest (usury) on that money as the Central Bankers do, forwards wealth to the privileged few that create the money; devalues currencies and adds compounding costs into an economy.

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