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Fiji nails it in one document

constitution-of-the-republic-of-fijiFiji has made a real statement in the release today of their new Constitution. I would describe their performance (particularly in the last couple of years) with superlatives, and have given the proverbial single finger salute to Australia, New Zealand and those (like Samoa) who are in ANZ’s pocket, agin the Commodore and his actions.

The document, like their performance as a country is hard to fault. [Read more…]

Why we ask questions

Camp Samoa lounge with a 'happy' volunteer guest

Camp Samoa lounge with a ‘happy’ volunteer guest

Some people ask questions because they don’t know the answer and want to know the truth. Others ask questions because they already know the truth but don’t want to accept it. In this Sermon from Samoa I explain how Palagi guests do this with the Samoan culture as well as how it is often done with the key message of the bible, that Jesus is alive, the Son of God and claims an exlusive lien on the truth. [Read more…]