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Is Climate Change propaganda?

aleipata-damIn this post I answer the question from an online friend, “Are you saying that climate change = propaganda?” My answer is, “Yes. The Climate Change agenda has ALL the signs of a propaganda exercise.”

Now this is not to say that there is no change in climate and I’m not a die-hard ‘denier’ as such, for my mind is always open to revisiting matters given new information, but do see strong patterns indicative of propaganda. I’m certainly not yet convinced that AGW is fact. [Read more…]

Seven ‘Sexy’ Lessons

the-world-is-your-oysterSexy, as in enjoyable, ‘cool’ and meaningful, of course.

Enjoy here seven ‘sexy’ lessons that I have been teaching business people around me recently: Recognising that our strengths can be our greatest weaknesses; inverting problems into solutions; applying the principle of the giver’s gain; using reverse psychology; compartmentalising self-interest; the art of putting your cards on the table and the power of mirroring. [Read more…]


Hitler on propaganda - despite the claims, he was no fool!

Hitler on propaganda – despite the claims, he was no fool!

As a truth-seeker, I’m always very interested in lies, particularly WHY people lie. For it is when we understand WHY people are lying and misrepresenting things that is the best clue on where truth can be found, often more than WHAT they are lying about.

Hitler in his Mein Kampf shared his revealing thoughts on propaganda – lying as a strategic tool to achieve a given purpose. It has dangerous similarities with the Purpose-Driven movement that has arisen more recently within Christendom. [Read more…]

The big picture in conspiracies

conspiracyIn this post I share the importance of keeping the big picture in mind when researching conspiracies. The Christian worldview (my bias if you will) sets the stage for interpreting reality through the eyes of a world created by a good God, but where evil too exists, and the ‘power/money trip’ that Jesus passed up on, has been taken up by others, thus much of the ‘mainstream’ conspiracies appear to stack up. Enjoy!

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The Internet NZ Con Job

Pretty pictures reveal it all

Pretty pictures reveal it all!

Internet New Zealand is considering the possibility of introducing .nz domain names (as opposed to and etc). Based on simple observations, common logic and years of practice ‘smelling a rat’ I pronounce the entire exercise a con job, probably driven by a few people with a vested interest. In this conspiracy busting post I explain the patterns of behaviour that cause me to make this claim. [Read more…]