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Facts, Feelings & Faith

Samoa - a tropical island paradise - with a secret

A tropical island paradise that captures the heart-strings

They say that the longest distance in the world is that between a man’s head and his heart. Put another way, it takes a big man to be able to determine his feelings and reconcile them with the facts.

Talk to most married women about how often her husband tells her that he loves her, and you’ll likely get a nod of appreciation. “When it comes to rugby or man’s stuff he’s all talk and yet the only time he’s able to talk about us is when he wants something”, is a common take on this. [Read more…]

Evidence of a con artist at work

ormita-response-ssIn this post I share evidence of a con artist at work, an Australian businessman currently working out of South Africa and currently going by the name of Daniel Mensi Evans. Following publication and widespread dissemination of The Ormita Report, the conman threatened me then attempted to manipulate me (both unsuccessfully) then distributed his own ad hominem attack by way of a claim of homosexual relationship with me.

It’s a ruse that he has used very effectively many times before, often leveraging past bed-mates for commercial and personal means. He is very effective at ‘working’ the homosexual community wherever he goes.

Enjoy the read. It gets exciting! [Read more…]

Getting Personal with Ormita

cover-600-the-ormita-reportI’ve just published my fifth book, (an eBook: The Ormita Report), and it’s been a marathon effort involving risk, intrigue and ethical issues galore. This post shares the inside story of a Kiwi author, blogger and IT entrepreneur virtually single-handedly taking on a guy who has terrorised an entire industry for years.


[Read more…]

Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

26 March, 2014

Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

Dear Daniel

Today I published The Ormita Report, a document that is arguably a definitive statement on your true business conduct and the true nature and reach of the Ormita business – certainly as best as I can establish to date.

Before I discuss some of the issues raised in The Ormita Report, I wish to share some positives, for I appreciate your energies and I respect your take on certain things. [Read more…]

.nz second level – Final submission

DNCThe second level .nz registration process is just about done now with comments closing 5.00pm tomorrow evening. My final comments submitted to the DNC today follow. In essence I can see strategic value in the proposal for New Zealand; I’m concerned at some of the processes that the team went through to get the proposal out there; and their proposed Conflict resolution process is fundamentally flawed, even going against their own core policy principles – in intent. [Read more…]