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Getting Personal with Ormita

cover-600-the-ormita-reportI’ve just published my fifth book, (an eBook: The Ormita Report), and it’s been a marathon effort involving risk, intrigue and ethical issues galore. This post shares the inside story of a Kiwi author, blogger and IT entrepreneur virtually single-handedly taking on a guy who has terrorised an entire industry for years.


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Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

26 March, 2014

Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

Dear Daniel

Today I published The Ormita Report, a document that is arguably a definitive statement on your true business conduct and the true nature and reach of the Ormita business – certainly as best as I can establish to date.

Before I discuss some of the issues raised in The Ormita Report, I wish to share some positives, for I appreciate your energies and I respect your take on certain things. [Read more…]