Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

26 March, 2014

Open Letter to Daniel Evans (Ormita)

Dear Daniel

Today I published The Ormita Report, a document that is arguably a definitive statement on your true business conduct and the true nature and reach of the Ormita business – certainly as best as I can establish to date.

Before I discuss some of the issues raised in The Ormita Report, I wish to share some positives, for I appreciate your energies and I respect your take on certain things.

For example, I agree with what you have claimed in various postings around the Internet, that undisclosed and/or unsecured deficit spending within a trade exchange is immoral. It’s an area of concern to me too, regardless of whether it is you or others who do this, I agree with you that it is wrong.

I appreciate the enormous energies that you have expended throughout your business career to advance yourself, and to some extent the businesses you have established. As I say in The Ormita Report, you are very smart, have a prodigious output and are clearly a very determined man when you set your mind to a task. I respect those aspects of your character – and I mean it.

I appreciate the incredible chutzpah that you had when you were working with those at the top of the top in the financial world. While of course I consider the deceptions you undertook to be immoral, I marvel at your capacity to conceptualize your dreams, and your resourcefulness at implementation. In some ways it had me spellbound as the evidence started coming in to me via the Tipline.

I appreciate the opportunity too, that you have given me to further my career as an author and a blogger, particularly in the area of our common interest – the reciprocal trade industry and (for me) the alternative currency movement. That’s a bit of a backhanded compliment I know but it is real, nonetheless.

But, you have done and are continuing to do things that hurt others. The crescendo of complaints, funnelled to me, through my single blog post warning about Ozone and Ormita, is shameful. I have many people around the globe contacting me whom you have hurt. They range from those who would love nothing more than to see you destroyed in the most painful way possible, to those who have coped with your deceptions and immoral business conduct remarkably well, but simply don’t want you in their lives any more.

In my opinion Daniel, your business conduct is a disgrace.

I actually believe that you have a god-given right to conduct business the way that you want to conduct it, but when you lie, cheat, steal and act fraudulently then I too have a god-given right to reveal this to the world. I’ve exercised this right by publishing The Ormita Report today.

The world too has the right to deal to you under the laws of the land you have worked in. You’ve definitely exercised your right for more than a decade that I’ve researched. Do not be surprised if others exercise their right to exercise their rights under the law of their land too.

As I’ve explained in The Ormita Report, your approach to a conflict situation is often to threaten legal action but then back off when you have what you want. As I have no interest, nor good reason to sue you, I would like you to sue me please.

I would like the increased exposure that the legal case would bring to your activities and the true nature of the Ormita fraud. I would like the opportunity to present the evidence I have collected from around the globe before a judge in a manner and a format that further increases my international exposure as the guy who ‘took on’ an international fraudster; as a guy who shoots straight and who, a bit like you, never . . . I repeat, never gives up!

Following publication of The Ormita Report I will be working with interested parties to help them commence litigation against you personally and Ormita. I will make my extensive knowledge and evidence available to people who wish to deal to you in various ways.

I will be sharing the information about the true nature of Ormita and your business conduct throughout the Internet; in just the same way as you did, and that you currently do. The difference however is that I do not hide behind deception – I speak the truth and do not use trickery or scheme evil.

As a result of this, and publication of The Ormita Report, it is very likely that you will be facing a barrage of adverse publicity and a sea of litigation that not even you, with all your chicanery, resourcefulness and cunning will be able to escape from. Now that the ‘genie is out of the bottle’, it will never stop until you do.

You should be aware that there are a lot of people around the globe who are now more motivated than ever, from my writing of The Ormita Report. They will be actively ‘onto’ every false identity you create; onto every misrepresentation you make; onto every deception you attempt; onto every con you try to pull off, and they are now either actively out to get you or will be very happy to help others to go after you. I summarise this all by saying that with the publication of The Ormita Report, you can run, but you can no longer hide.

Daniel, as long as they are dealing with the truth too (and this is a very important proviso), I will do what I can to help them.

I don’t threaten people . . . I consider matters long and hard, then I make a decision only when I am totally convinced that I know what I am talking about and know that I am prepared to pay the price. In regards to you and Ormita, I made that decision last year and The Ormita Report is now in the public arena as a result of that decision. I play for keeps.

I also want you (and the world) to know why I wrote The Ormita Report so that you (and to some extent the others) can learn from it all.

When you established Ozone in New Zealand you presented me with a document that contained two references. One of them hardly knew you and the other was embarrassed to be associated with you and couldn’t talk freely because of his high position in a high profile company. You ‘used’ those people and their reputations Daniel, for your own benefit. According to my sense of morality, that was wrong. You continue to do this today.

When you sought funding for Ozone Australia you may have been well meaning but you misrepresented reality to the investors with wild projections. I have no problem with the fact that things may not always go according to plan, and that failure in business is always an option but this pattern (of trashing investors) has continued from you unabated for a decade and again this conduct when based on lies and deception is immoral.

When I established the Ormita Shareholders Google Group, you commenced a series of activities and communications that demonstrated the most despicable behaviour I have ever seen from a director of a company. You changed the shareholding records at the companies office; you presented different share registers at different times; you defended the indefensible; you forged and backdated documents; you attacked your own shareholders; you claimed malice and other bad intent when in fact your investors were simply wanting simple answers to legitimate questions! Again, this conduct is immoral. To this day you have travelled the world freely at others’ expense, yet you have given neither a single word nor even one dollar back to your initial investors. This is selfish and callous behaviour.

Your conduct towards Keith Bowen claiming that he had not paid up his shares when he had, and that he was not entitled to vote when he was, is just one example of behaviour from a person who I believe should NEVER be permitted to direct a company OR to seek funding from others under any circumstances again.

You continue to lie, cheat, manipulate and con others by generating false evidence against them; reneging on deals and making false and misleading statements for your own personal advantage. This is totally immoral.

When we held the Special Shareholders meeting, you actually came to Wellington and hid. You did not even have the guts to speak to the very people who funded your various escapades as well as the very business that gave you the opportunities for you to benefit from in the first place! This was gutless behaviour, but even more unbelievable is your hypocrisy, Daniel. Screaming, shouting, swearing, threatening and more, while it may be normal to you, isn’t to most of the rest of the world. Your conduct was shameful and it continues to this day with your disgusting, vindictive hate-campaign against the principals of IRTA – false evidence that is still online bringing embarrassment to the victims AND damning evidence of your evil into the public eye.

When you knew I was writing the first report, you offered to fly from Australia (supposedly) to meet me and share all the appropriate documents. At the meeting you then refused, claiming, “your lawyer advised” you not to share them. ‘Julia’ wasn’t around then but, my friend, you lied to me. I’ve always found that liars are generally thieves, and visa versa. You are still lying and cheating to this day.

Since publication of the first report, you have avoided communicating with me, but you’ve carried on around the world creating mayhem and as I keep saying, generating a “trail of trauma’ where ever you go. You’ve hidden from me since that report. You’ve hidden from everyone else you’ve lied to and ripped off but that’s about to stop. The world is not big enough for you to hide any more Daniel.

The Ormita Report brings you and your conduct out into the open, once and for all!

Thank you for reading thus far. I will now take this opportunity to preach a simple message to you.

Twelve years before you were born, as a child myself, I had a personal traumatic experience that unwittingly set me on a path as a lifelong seeker of truth. Fifty years ago I started a mission to determine reality, for myself, not for anyone else, just me. At the age of twenty, I had an encounter in which I came to realise that truth is not just an abstract, that it is more than an absolute, but that truth is a person – the person of Christ.

For the record I didn’t initiate this event and I had no control over it . . . it just happened as I was seeking to know the truth, but I did have to face that newfound understanding and determine for myself if it was for real or not.

It is.

In the 34 years since, I’ve come to love the Truth and see the enormous power that it has to cast aside all manner of evil. Just like the darkness disappears with the light of one small candle so too does deception when even just one tiny ray of Truth shines forth.

I share my life experiences through my blogging as I know that you know. I preach from my experiences and then move on not knowing or either really caring the consequences. It matters not to me if one person or a million read my blog or listen to what I say. I just do what I do believing that this is my ‘calling’ or ‘lot’ in life. The reason I’m relaxed about this is that unlike you, I have no agenda. I’m simply interested in the truth and the Truth has no agenda either; it has no need of violence or desperate defence or making noise, for it simply exists.

There’s a passage in the Bible where Jesus is recalled walking into Jerusalem and the people were all excited for Him. They shouted and danced and praised Him but the enemies of the truth sought them to silence. Jesus’ words, “I tell you … if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out ” were a clear indication that nothing will stop the truth from outing – in the end.

Today it might be one man named Dennis that challenges you with reality, the reality of what view as your mixed up view of the world and who you are. Tomorrow it might be someone else, but the three things I can assure you Daniel is that there is a God, there is accountability (in the now as well as in the end) and the truth will out.

Lastly, for the record, I am actually interested in the matters you have raised in regards to the performance and conduct of IRTA, their principals and the true situation in regards to the problems behind the scenes in the reciprocal trade industry. As I say in The Ormita Report and as you very well know, there are others too that share some of your sentiments. In due course, I will likely find out and speak more about those issues.

In the meantime though, as an investor in the Ormita business and an author and a blogger, my focus is and will continue to be on your conduct, and the Ormita business.

As always I welcome your meaningful communication at any time.

Kind Regards

Dennis A Smith
Author, Blogger & IT Entrepreneur

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