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Wild faith

campfire-cookingIn this Sermon from Samoa, I share how exercising radical faith can be the most natural, logical and simple of lifestyles, one that an online friend recently called ‘wild’. In doing so, I destroy very common deceptions within Christian circles. As always it has a Samoan context to it. Enjoy! [Read more…]

The two stories

Wedding Cakes - a Samoan speciality

Wedding Cakes – a Samoan speciality!

A while back, a friendly ex-pat Samoan traveler helped explain the essence of Samoa to one of our SWAP Ambassadors on her first flight to Paradise, “Oh your first time in Samoa? You’ll see, it’s all for show!” In other words, she was saying, there are always two stories in Samoa. [Read more…]

Getting the full picture

coconut-treeWhat is well-known; originally came from China; can’t be seen, touched; is twice the size in India; and Africa also has one? The parable of the blind men and the elephant, or course.

The original parable originated in China sometime during the Han dynasty (202 BC-220 AD):
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The importance of theology

Catholic Church Siusega

Catholic Church Siusega

Our understanding of God (our theology) underpins our entire thought, words and actions.

I have friends, one in Samoa and another in New Zealand who were saved miraculously from certain death. Their understanding that there is a God who saved them for some purpose (their theology) has caused them both to act kindly and extraordinarily generously to others ever since. Others marvel but often do not understand their actions. [Read more…]

Too Hot to Handle

fb-friendsI’ve recently changed my Facebook friend policy and have culled a whole bunch of Facebook friends. Sorry guys. I’m currently a little too hot to handle and it’s for your own good with conman Daniel Evans out on the prowl and trying to make trouble. [Read more…]

Judging the Resurrection

the-jesus-inquest[Book Review] The JESUS INQUEST by Charles Foster is a thorough look at the claims and conter-claims over the resurrection of Christ. [Read more…]