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Bartercard wants to list

irta-loves-bartercardBartercard has opened their share offering to the public today with glowing references from IRTA, who according to the Prospectus have done more than just endorse them, they’ve thrown their lot in with them hook line an sinker! More on that and the significance of an exclusive 15 year exclusive recommendation contract later – it’s a humdinger of story in itself and will have major negative repercussions for IRTA for a very long time to come. [Read more…]

The future of Barter

bitcoin-bartercard-club-creditsIn this post I share the future of the Trade Exchange (barter) Industry and explain why the standard business model is essentially unbiblical, and why, when we truly understand traders, the barter industry will have to change it’s business model to counter the arrival of multiple currencies and settlement systems. It won’t, so therefore while the rest of the world will move on and away from ‘legal tender’ currencies to alternatives, Commercial Barter will continue to stagnate. It will always have a presence and will perform a role, but it will be severely crippled. [Read more…]