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  1. […] The Bartercard/IRTA Deal [1] I blogged last month that Bartercard has secured a fifteen year deal with IRTA to supply the software platform for Universal Currency and IRTA’s active endorsement of that system globally. This deal was apparently the basis for Bartercard’s decision to float on the ASX. [IRTA has confirmed this now with a limited release News Alert to Members of IRTA and UC]. In this post I examine the deal and commence my analysis/commentary. The deal is spectacular. There can be no other word for it – spectacular. Regardless of the outcome of my complaint to the ASX and their success or otherwise in going public, securing a deal like they have from IRTA (with their exclusive endorsement for a fifteen year period) would be totally a dream come true for any aggressive industry player out to dominate their market, in any industry. […]

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