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  1. The real issue with GETS is that it looks and functions like a software built in the 90s. What forward-thinking organization would want to stay with antiquated software? These pieces are all hatchet jobs. You should be ashamed. After all the good work you did with Ormita, this is crap.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts . . . at last! A shame it consists of barely more than, “this is crap”.

      Did you read the post the Future of Barter and made intelligent comment either here or on your own blog? Nope! So you digested the entire Bartercard/BPS Technology Prospectus and provided intelligent meaningful commentary like I did, then compared the two documents and analyse the differences like I did? Nope! So you addressed ANY of the actual issues I’ve raised in 50+ thousand words in The Barter Series relating to IRTA, their conduct in the shonky secret deal they did [or tried to do] with Bartercard? Nope! And you’ve assessed the actual figures from the UC account in which $200k is missing ?!?!?! – or even commented on my analysis? Nope! Did you even notice that a software company elected to put their reputation on the line and advised the world that there IS matters of concern in there? Who the heck cares about which software UC uses – you could do it on a cigarette packet it’s so basic. I care about the industry however; the IRTA Members who are hurting; the UC members who are being ruipped off daily with an inflated currency and all you can come up with is “GETS is old, you’re all crap”.

      Tyler, let me tell you what people are saying out there . . . “Dennis, you’re saying things and talking about things that have been spoken about for ages behind closed doors – go for it – we might not agree with everything you say but you’re pretty much on the nail! It’s what the industry needs” and then some of them ask me why Tyler hasn’t taken ANY of it up and I say, I don’t know, I fed him the orginal story and said there was more but he didn’t do anything. Then they tell me [note they tell me not me tell them] that he’s got advertising from IRTA and that explains to them why you can’t run with anything that will upset your income streams. Your forward-thinking organisation is corrupt, has done a secret deal with a company whose software is called Webturtle by those who use it and dreams of owning the international clearance business for themselves based on skulduggery, lies and poor ethics. I buried the last person who tried to do that.

      I suggest that you start putting some thought into your words, work with facts, not gossip and get up to speed fast, or you’ll be seen as a spent force and your opinion irrelevant. I’ve told everyone that this is an 18 month project for me and I’m not even through the first month. I recommend that you take your IRTA blinkers off for two seconds, read more, ask questions for yourself (like you did with the other conman), gather your thoughts and get with it. You don’t have to like me, nor do you have to agree with me but spitting out putrid comments that show your shallow level of thought will do your credibility in the industry no good.

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