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  1. I have read your portrayal of Bartercard as above and its operation and agree with your diagnosis 100%.

    You have a profound understanding of its operation and their hidden deficit.

    I like your comparison of Bartercard to a ponzi scheme. They have to keep bringing in new members to sell stuff to satisfy the members with high positive balances.

    • Thanks Joe
      The core functions of a Trade Exchange are pure. It is their operations and deception that makes it into a Ponzi scheme. It is far too far gone to save now, short of serious currency devaluation.

    • Hi Seem. With the information you have provided here I’d hazard a guess that you probably do owe them the money they claim. If there is more to the matter that you want to discuss, for example where they have erred in ethics, maths, logic, law or otherwise let me know and I’ll be happy to help you look at your options. Bartercard’s operations and management is a giant fraud with outstanding debts to creditors by way of small investors, members, ex-members and many more who have all been on the tail-end of massive deception. I believe that their current restructuring is an asset strip of the worst order and that doesn’t even count the trade dollar indebtedness that is multiple millions! I would note though that even if you find a way not to pay them the money you owe them, two wrongs don’t make a right! You can Skype me or email me as you so wish. You are not the only one who has got their hands bitten by their aggressive predatory behaviour – believe me!


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