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  1. From the Tipline:
    > You have basically suggested they are corrupt crooks as well, and I would appreciate some detail regarding that allegation as it does affect me,

    My reply:
    Sure thing. On my website under BLOG POSTS there is a category called THE BARTER SERIES (http://www.dennis.co.nz/the-barter-series/). I haven’t updated it recently but it has links to the bulk of my articles, many of them relating to Bartercard. I am a lot more careful in my choice of words and how I phrase it but yes, Bartercard is run by people who present things different to the reality that I know; have a high capacity to deceive and to feather their own nest at the expense of others and as a result have a highly debased currency and diminishing returns in business generally. The promoted value of the currency is 1:1 with the local currency. It is my assessment that the practical value of the Bartercard Trade Dollar is anywhere between 50% and 80% of the local currency (depending on which currency and the circumstances of the individual traders); that the value assessed by the “corrupt crooks” as you paraphrase me is 20c in the dollar, being what they actually sell their “funny-money” for secretly and that with a huge hidden trade deficit (in the hundreds of millions) from decades of currency debasement that the true value is nil. They are arguably trading while insolvent.

    This knowledge may have no affect on you if you are lucky and ‘play the game’ well. For example I can play Russian Roulette every morning for twenty years if I am the one who loaded the gun and have the inside knowledge. Less likely though if you don’t know he real score!

    If the confidence in Bartercard declines to the point of reality then you will find substantial losses are in order with people in credit unable to spend and rampant inflation and rapid demise of the company, brand and systems inevitable. I am announcing my intent to follow up om my blogging about BBX with a private [criminal] prosecution of the Directors of BBX, an act that will bring the operations down very shortly. Once that is done I will be completing the book BARTERCARD SECRETS and disseminating it widely with the stated intent to bring the truth of Bartercard’s operations into the light of day, so that there can be accountability.


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