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  1. From the tipline:

    Wayne Sharpe [https://www.facebook.com/wayne.sharpe2/posts/10152685672055915]

    I found it impossible to be proud of this . The ‘rewrite’ of the company history all the way to Wikipedia deleted reference to me as the founder. Well shit dudes – here’s the FACTS . I set the actual company ( Bartercard Australia )up in… 1990, and funded it for the 1st 2 years till we started making money. I developed all the sales systems , training etc etc etc and led the company in Australia till 1996 when I set up , funded and ran Bartercard International. I sold all the 1st 20 Aussie franchises and all the 1st 8 international licenses , and trained every senior exec, sales person and franchisee as CEO for 1st 15 years . I don’t know what you think it takes to be a founder , but as I owned more than 50% of the group parent companies for 21 years, and solely financed it back from the brink of extinction 3 times I reckon i qualify. Not to mention the stress of a failed iPO in 2000 (ASX) and a listing then delisting AIM London ) in 2007/9 I sold out to the group who now own it – and good luck to them. But FUCK YOU for the insult !!! Every true sales and trading leader , and most admin , know what I did to make this company a world leader. I sacrifice my life and led from the front and created ( with an awesome internal team ) the worlds leading technology and expanded internationally while they got salaries , raised families and went home every night to them. The day I realised the company history was rewritten to ‘sanitise’ me out for Brian and Trevor’s egos was the day I decided to write the story in full. I’ve been paid out in full so now I will. Dumb move MOFOs [motherf*ckers]. Ha ha

  2. Well, well, well, Mr Sharpe.
    Lets stick with the real facts about how Bartercard got started.

    It is my understanding that you entered the Barter industry in around 1990 when you as a director of one of your companies was contracted to be sell licences for the first Trade Exchange in Australia called the Australian Contrabanc.

    Brian Hall and Andrew Federoski where licensees of that first Trade Exchange in Australia..

    It is further my understanding that You Hall and Federoski proceeded to attach the client base of that trade exchange with lies and innuendos in order to get their clients to join Bartercard.

    You and your associates Hall and Federoski copied all the intellectual property of the Contra Banc and used same to get Bartercard going.

    It now appears you all have rewritten Bartercards history the way you wont the public to see it to stroke all your egos.

    The truth will come out about how Bartercard really started with lies and deceit and it appears that the culture has not changed up to this time.

    I can agree with you on one point, without you driving Bartercard in its early years it would not be here now.

    If you wish to rewrite Bartercards history tell the whole story Mr Sharpe. The Truth had to catch up with you all one day.


    • Thanks Joe.
      In regards to truth catching up, there is objective truth but there are different levels and forms of perceived truth. The current (and past Directors) put their side across naturally with quite a spin. The disgruntled members have their side and this can be skewed too. I want to be seen as getting as close to the objective truth as I can.

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