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Credibility While Investigating 2

credibilityIn this second post in a series on Credibility I share how my Credibility has been gained [and supposedly lost], giving examples of public perception in the investigations I have carried out in the last year. It’s only a ‘black and white game’ to genuine truth-seekers as most interested parties to a given subject have an agenda and this influences their words, thoughts and actions. [Read more…]

It’s All About Credibility 1

refuting-christianityIn this Sermon from Samoa I discuss the issue of credibility, a major issue that underpins truth-seeking. I use examples from my recent engagements with others from around the world and show how simple clean logic, humility and perseverance all combine into the mix that makes something (or someone) credible.

This is important in a Christian sense in that the credibility of the Bible is a core issue – for both PRO and ANTI Christian adherents. I share some funny stories and approach the credibility of the bible from the opposite angle from most Christians.

I think it’s an interesting read. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Samoa’s Internet Exchange Point

Samoa’s Regulator, Donnie De Freitas is on fire to introduce an IXP into Samoa. The OOTR recently hosted a one and a half day event introducing the idea and sought a mandate from attendees to push through with the idea. He has South Pacific precedent with Vanuatu successfully implementing an IXP and says that he has the support of an ‘alphabet soup’ of acronymed organisations.

Here’s a brief wrap-up of the first day and my take on it all. [Read more…]

Another Day in the Life of

Produce from today, clockwise: Pineapple, Mango, Tauaga Flowers, Fai Samoa (bananas) and Taamu [centre]

Produce from today, clockwise: Pineapple, Mango, Tauaga Flowers, Fai Samoa (bananas) and Taamu [centre]

Here is another snapshot of a day in the life of yours truly in Paradise.

All photos taken today.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Tradeqoin Devalues

tradeqoin-devaluedIt took a while (and they pushed back at the thrust of my blogging) but Tradeqoin has now revised their business plans, lowered their crowdfunding ask and devalued their entire business as well. Great!

In this post I analyse their new figures, comment on their business plan changes and ask more questions of the entire Tradeqoin scam that exposes the Equidam valuation tool and perhaps the entire Symbid system. It’s a messy cresspit of ‘funny-ness’ that I believe should be examined in much more detail by the thought-leaders in the Dutch business community. [Read more…]

Unique Knowledge

Samoan Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis), Peta Sunset

Samoan Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis), Samoan Peta Sunset

In a post from way out left-field, I share snippets of unique knowledge that I’ve obtained from 56 years of living. Not one of these is knowledge unique to me, but the combination, like our unique DNA is. Like you, there is no one on the plant who has this exact combination of knowledge. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Delusions & Deceptions in Samoa

Rural Samoan child, natural!

Rural Samoan child, from a relatively poor family but with in an adults shoes – only natural!

Samoa is a small third-world [developing] country that struggles to get a good grasp on reality. In this Sermon from Samoa I share some recent stories that demonstrate the delusions and deceptions that exist in this country, widely perceived as Paradise, and a Christian Country to boot. Standby for another dose of reality . . . [Read more…]

Usury-based Money is Accursed

usury-in-christendomThe Bible prohibits usury (the charging of interest on money) as do the three main mono-theistic religions. A biblical principle is that good is blessed and evil is cursed. In this post, the first in a series on Money, I connect the two dots/thoughts and extrapolate, finding that all Legal Tender money is accursed. It makes for sober reading, but enjoy the challenge nonetheless! [Read more…]