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Evolution & Creation – the Basics


Click image for full size. Vertical = Evolution vs Creation. Horizontal = God vs No God.

In this post I drill down into the basics of the Evolution thing, setting myself a challenge to put the guts of it into an easy-to-read article. The result is a summary of the concepts of Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Intelligent Design and Biblical Creationism.

You may find it challenging and of course you will likely well know where I fit on the chart.

Hopefully it’s helpful to you! [Read more…]

Year five in Paradise

5-yearsI’ve been in Samoa for five years now.

In due course I will no doubt apply for citizenship and they’ll probably bury me here!

Here’s a wrap-up from 2014 with the latest gossip.

Can’t wait to read it? Sorry, nothing really sexy!

In short, the year was full of investigative blogging – Ormita, Bartercard, IRTA, Universal Currency and more recently the Tradeqoin scam.

The Camp Samoa plantation is ticking over, pigs, dogs and chickens all well fed.

I’m still broke but debt-free; now divorced; lost some friends but gained more from around the globe than I had before and have plans for another positive year in 2015.

There! Now, “what say you savage?”

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Importance of Trading

Weaving a Samoan basket - simple and effective!

Weaving a Samoan basket – simple and effective!

In this post I address one of the major concerns that will be facing people during and following a societal breakdown, especially relevant for Christians who expect to be unable to trade because of the Mark of The Beast, but also those who can see the writing on the wall for the financial status quo. The key point is that it is Traders (those who know how to wheel & deal) that have the keys for survival, and even to thrive in the tough times ahead. It’s a vitally important subject and I give examples from my own life in third world Samoa. [Read more…]

Interview with TradeXchange – Netherlands

tradexchange-netherlandsIn this Interview with proprietors of TradeXchange, a Dutch Barter company, I dig deeper into a range of barter topics, their consistent long-term criticism of IRTA and UC; their conflict with fellow Dutch Trade Exchange operators Tradeqoin; as well as diving into some personality issues.

It will be a tough read for some, as these guys don’t beat about the bush and in that ‘delightful’ Dutch way, they just never give up calling a spade a spade!

Enjoy. [Read more…]

The Dream Challenge

dreamzDreams and visions can be unsettling. For many of us seemingly in control of our lives, we can find ourselves confronted with ‘stuff’ that wrestles that control right out of our hands when it comes to the worlds of the sub-conscious and the spirit.

In this post I share my experiences learning to divine the source of the dream (Good/God, Bad/evil or Neutral/Self) with some tips on how to deal with things outside of the norm.

As usual, all is written from a Christian perspective. [Read more…]

The Process of Coming to Christ

coming-to-christI’ve had the privilege of helping many people to step into the world of Christian faith. I’ve never preached like Billy Graham or other so-called ‘evangelists’ but having a faith that is real can be infectious for those who are seeking answers to life’s deeper questions.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I explain the Process of Coming to Christ, and it is just that, a process, as much as an event.

I hope you’ll find it interesting. [Read more…]

Credibility of The Good Book 5

I have found the Bible to have incredible Crediblity

I have found the Bible to have incredible Crediblity

In this last of a series on Credibility, I dare to tackle the big one – the credibility of the Bible, claimed by Christians of course to be “God’s Word”. I first state my conclusions that, yes it is.

I then back off from preaching and discuss the processes that I’ve found to be important in assessing this question, as always viewing things into the Christian world-view and sharing real-life experiences.

Let’s go for it! [Read more…]

Credibility With Conspiracy 4


WTC7, a 47 storey building untouched by planes or missiles imploded in sympathy with WTC1 & WTC2. Hmmm! Credibility? Something is not right with this story!*

In this fourth post about Credibility, I connect the dots between conspiracy and reality explaining how you don’t have to be right all the time and you don’t have to know everything to believe a Conspiracy and retain Credibility.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Building Credibility in Samoa 3

dennis-blogger-detectiveIn this third in a series on Credibility I share a couple of my experiences developing credibility in Paradise – not an easy task for a Palagi (white-man)!

Enjoy. [Read more…]