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Love is not the Antidote to Pride

samoa-observer-editorialIn this Sermon from Samoa, I quote a Samoa Observer Editorial in full (that is in essence a sermon in itself). I expand on the writer’s exhortation to share love, interspersing my comments to show that love is not the antidote to pride, applying this teaching specifically to the Samoan context.

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Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

evolutions-archilles-heelsIn this Book Review, I share the core contents of the Creation Ministries International recent publication, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heel. I then offer my personal story and a brief commentary to conclude.

In short, despite the desperate wishes of many to the contrary, no objective truth-seeker on the planet can deny that the problems associated with the concept of Evolution prove to be emphatically insurmountable. Belief in Evolution is entirely a religious activity in line with that of a cult.

This is a book with many strong statements on a vitally important subject. I like the book because it brings all the key issues into one place with experts all taking their best shots at showing the foolishness that continued belief in Evolution really is. These are all more than just body blows to Evolution – they are all lethal.

My summary includes my personal learning and awakening and is equally damning of the nonsense called Evolution, something so ludicrous that it has no right to even be called a Theory. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Validating JW’s Watchtower Organisation

watchtower-incIn a recent discussion with a Jehovah’s Witness friend, we discussed the role of a religious Organisation. Of course he defended Watchtower’s existence and I challenged him with an alternative viewpoint, that ANY organised religious organisation had the potential to interfere with a direct relationship between an individual and the Lord [“Jehovah” to JW’s].

He asked for my opinions.

Here is my response.  [Read more…]