Peter Vandever, now outed as a thief

peter-vandever-thief3I’ve always exercised a degree of caution when talking about Peter Vandever, never actually coming out directly and calling him for what I believe he is.

Until now that is.

He’s a conman, fraudster and a thief.

I’ve been informed by the TIPLINE recently that Peter Vandever has been challenged over photography plagiarism, stealing many dozens of photos from Philippino photographer Thomas Tham, trying to hock them off and claiming that he actually did – for $10k.


Before the coverup

As a self-professing commercial photographer himself, this is THE worst crime a professional photographer could commit – stealing from his colleagues and attempting to profit from their work, pretending that it was his.

Plagiarism for pecuniary gain; theft, plain and simple.

Image Theft

The theft was revealed on Photograbbers – the evidence is there in screen shots and I’ve validated the The claim and Peter’s coverup personally in three locations/methods and sources*.

Discussion of this criminal conduct can be seen on Philppino Facebook Pages. My only sadness is that the victim appears not to want to take action* and Peter appears to be ‘moving on” from his current location (yet again) so could possibly have escaped criminal justice anyway.

As I said, to date I have erred on the side of caution but I state it clearly now, Peter Vandever is an unrepentant conman and a thief.


The request from the victim for honest conduct


Dear Peter

This message is now for Peter:

Peter Vandever, after following you for more than three years I will now say this about you directly (I would do it in person if I could), you are a thief, a liar and a conman masquerading as a Christian Missionary.

You are nothing of the sort, but instead ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

Your continued crooked conduct and total lack of remorse shows me that not only are you a devious unrepentant fraudster, but that you have certainly justified your listing on my Hall of Shame. So help me God!

Your cynical self-delusions of grandeur and aggressive conduct shows me and the rest of the world that you are not ‘playing with a full stack of cards’.

Sir, you constantly claim to be the victim of a witch-hunt. That is correct. My blog post “The Other side of Peter Vandever receives a lot of hits and the entire world will likely be hunting you down to reveal your immoral conduct, especially after this post gains web traction.

I will remain active in documenting your activities as reported to me via the TIPLINE as long as you continue to pass yourself off as someone who you are not.

I know that you will fight me and argue and try to justify your conduct. You will probably think that I will give up eventually and go away and that you’ll be able to live a happy life doing what you think God wants you to do with accountability to only your warped mind. That would be a mistake!

Conman Daniel Evans found out the hard way that this is not good thinking when I tracked him down to South Africa after following him for some twelve years. The Ormita Report effectively closed down his international scam inside weeks.

My parents are well over eighty years old and still going strong. I’m nowhere near sixty so that probably gives me another couple of dozen years by my reckoning to keep receiving tips and sharing them with the world, as usual with my brutally honest and direct commentary.

You sir, have met your match and I herewith call you to account.

This message is for people who have been caught in Peter’s web of deceit and are considering their options. It’s simple . . .

  1. Get as far away from him as possible,
  2. Expose his conduct publicly (for this will both inform and potentially protect the public), and
  3. Sue, for this will bring his crimes into the public record.

As always I am happy to update this website as new verifiable information comes to hand.

Now, some questions . . . at we read Peter’s plan to move to the Caribbean, nothing to do with any Christian calling BTW!

He needs money and has to work photography business – great.

But where did the image come from that he used? Was it stolen too?

Oops, yes it was!

This is called a “pattern of behaviour” something that investigators pick up on early in the piece. Steal once – steal twice – or as the say in French “Qui vole un œuf vole un bœuf” [œuf and bœuf rhyme, if you really want to know]. “He who steals an egg will steal an ox.”

More on this in a minute.

Peter is off – yet again

Here’s his post with my comments and questions to him interspersed:

Leaving Asia (the plan forward)
by Peter Vandever
I am burned out. Period. I have had my fill of the Philippines, crap and pretty much Asia in general. Top that with NO support for ministry and it is time to say “so long, Asia.”

Burnout comes from doing things our own way Peter, in our own strength, but what a sad, sad story here. The problem is that the same story repeated when moving away from the USA churches when you rebelled, and to Samoa, and to American Samoa and Fiji and the Philippines. Peter you are not a missionary following God’s leading. You may THINK that but reality speaks here. You’re a user of others and live in a different world from the rest of us. They’ve got the better of you and want rid of you. Just like many others did before.

I have been slowly loving my desire to be in Asia for the last year but really couldn’t pin point where to go and what to do. I knew I wanted to do something with ministry and it was not in Asia. Sri Lanka, back to Fiji, Africa and the Caribbean was all on the table. I just struggled with where to go.

That’s right Peter . . . you struggle. Let me tell you that your wanting “to do something with ministry” is exactly your problem. It is all about YOU. You can use others for your own benefit Peter, but not God. Missionaries generally tend to hear His voice calling them, and then with fear and trembling obey Him. Not you! You reverse the entire process and make it all about you.

Last Friday, it was the straw that broken the camel’s back. I had all my camera gear, prints, head phones, etc all stolen from me. In a weird twist of events, one of my camera ended up in a legal case and it is not in my hands again. The whole event put me over the top with the cultural and societal problems here.

A photograph thief has his camera stolen? How ironic and how often does this sort of thing happen? I guess there is a God after all!

Where am I heading and why?
I am planning to head to the Caribbean. I really believe I can do some good there. The people in the Caribbean are fine art minded as I am. I also like the idea that I am a short flight back to the United States. I do not like being half a day ahead of the rest of America.

I’m sure there are millions of others out there Peter, who would love to go to the Caribbean too. Most of them will go there to enjoy it and will agree with you that it’s an easy place to get to from the USA. Most of them however will be happy to pay for their experience out of their own pocket not try to bludge off the Christian community to do what THEY want to do.

Another reason is because I have no one that supports me or believes in the ministry anymore, I have to raise 100% of the ministry budget. I can do that easier in the Caribbeans from weddings. If all else fails, I can fly up for shoots in Miami.

This is probably one of the shining lights of my entire engagement with you Peter that after three years, Google’s incredible search engine powers have helped MANY people previously hoodwinked by your lies and self-delusion to see the other side of Peter Vandever. All I can say to this news is, “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!” There is a God after all and He even wants us to be accountable for our actions. The world can also thank me (and others of course) for having the b*lls to take you and your craziness on – head-on.

I believe Kingston, Jamaica or Nassau, Bahamas will be base. No resorts…. living and dwelling among the locals.

Sounds great! When the locals there work you out (and they will) and when the Christian community there start to question your integrity (and they will) and when they Google “Peter Vandever” and find my Hall of Shame with you listed (and they will) and when they come to me with their stories of your crooked self-seeking conduct (and they will) then rest assured that I WILL update this post and continue to tell the world the truth about you.

Moving forward now
Now, that I have a “where,” it makes moving forward much easier. I realize that leaving the Philippines, flying back to the mainland, and a few other things I need to get done will not be cheap.

The Christian walk Peter is about “Who” not “where”. When you walk with Him you are in obedience to Him – you submit to His wishes and desires. That’s called picking up your cross, Peter and it’s sometimes hard and you have to pay for it. If it doesn’t hurt then it’s not a cross eh? It’s simply not about you or how cheap it is or otherwise.

Travel alone is going to be around $850. Add all the stuff that involved with leaving and I am looking at around $2,000.

I pray that before you get your benefit money and push it all out to travel that you consider the people whom you have wronged. Why not go to them, apologise and offer it to them – before you try to escape your current predicament to another Paradise?

This also comes to the point that if I am going to try and use photography as a way to support missions, I need to upgrade it. All in all, I can easily make this happen through a few website projects!

That’s right and that’s the best thing you can do – work for a living. To any prospective client of Peter Vandever, I suggest that you consider the possibility that the character of a person is reflected in their business conduct. I will not knock another person in my own profession unless I really have to but based on what some of Peter’s past clients have said to me, you would be wise to make small progress payments as work is completed; know what you want and be prepared for an interesting experience.

In other news, I am wearing size 38 again for the first time in several years.

Good one – whatever the significance of this is.

Peter on Peter

On Peter’s About Peter page he talks about himself. Having the proof now that Peter Vandever is a thief, and having called him for who he really is, I post his self-serving propaganda and make commetary:

I am Peter. I live my life in the open. There are some blogs that make all the fuss about things that don’t matter. Get Real Philippines is one of those. They live in the dark corners behind made up names. They are digital hitmen.

Don’t forget me Peter, please don’t forget me! I’m a digital hit-man too, even though I’m only a single me!

I choose to live my life in the open and post everything with my name and my pictures everywhere. I have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Peter, you have stolen photographs from other people; you have used their work and passed it off as your own and tried to hide the crimes. You now have the eyes of the world turned upon you where ever you go knowing that simply typing in the name Peter Vandever into any Search Engine will reveal this truth. You may not fear anything but fear but, I posit, you should be fearing the Truth.

As a thinker, I am worried about where we are heading. What you sow, you will reap. You goes in your head is what will come out.

Your ego has caused you to fall. Your thinking has been corrupted by pride and a warped mind. What has come out of your head is to the many people who come to me with their problems most definitely a source of worry – for you and the people around the planet who will likely engage with you.

I am a thinker. One of the core values I learned at Oral Roberts was to think. The word repent in the New Testament means to “change your mind to change your life.” In order to change your mind, you have to start to think differently.

I concur. However if your mind is faulty; struggles with pride or lacks a strong sense of reality, the rest of the world will trash you as a nutcase and a man not worthy of the time of day. A “change [in] your mind” would be a very welcome respite to the trouble that you cause yourself and others you engage with.

I am a student. I am always seeking deeper understanding to life. My kindle is full of people like Soren Kierkegaard, CS Lewis, and even some Thomas Aquinos. It is important to always be in the position of learning.

Agreed. Now leave the big people and learn from me . . . I’m a lot smarter than you and I’m totally dedicated to the truth as a concept AND the Truth as a person, whereas you, Peter are on REAL shaky ground. You’ve messed up big-time. Because you won’t accept counsel you must take the consequences. Learn from me Peter, “You have trouble up top” and need help. Humble yourself like your mentor C.S.Lewis did and you may grow from the experience. Push on with your lunacy and you’ll create a hell-hole on earth for yourself and your options are closing in around you as we speak. If it wasn’t for the good-ness of heart of the Christian brother you ripped off, you would be inside a Philippino jail.peter-vandever-thief5

I am a photographer. I think about how things come together. I understand the ideal of composition, light and contrast. All of these apply to how I view life in the Philippines. How does one thing come to change another? Does this bring out that? You can also see my work here.

I can’t at the moment because your website has been hacked. May I suggest that there are some very angry people out there and that your arrogance and conduct is the reason for their anger?

I am an American. Let’s get this clear really quickly. I am an American and I live American. I do not become a wimp and get all emphatic just because I am from the United States. I do not live my life with “white man guilt.”

That’s very clear from your writings and your conduct. I know it’s not pretty but perhaps you should live your life with the knowledge of who you REALLY are – a thief.

I finish this post with a question. It is as clear as daylight that Peter Vandever stole images from Thomas Tham, then passed them off as his own, attempting to gain personally, and then tried to hide the crime. So where then does Peter Vandever get the rest of the images he uses on his website? Were they too stolen?

Any other stolen images?

Peter is in Philippines yet there is one amazing photo about Jamaica. It was originally posted as part of a collection of images at Urban Jamaica Images. Here is the original location of the high resolution image.

There are many ways to identify the source of any image – Google Image Search is an easy one, TinEye is another, searching for the actual image name if the plagiarist hasn’t changed it is another. Right-click any image for some options. Most thieves are lazy (even IT savvy ones like Peter) and can’t be bothered with details like covering their tracks. They are just greedy, grab the image and use it.

In this instance however Peter has been a little tricky behind the scenes. He’s done this . . . he’s direct hot-linked the image!

This is incredible stupidity! Apart from effectively stealing “on the fly” which shows the crime in progress, it exposes one to obnoxious treatment in reverse . . . for example in the early days of the Internet when we dealt with lazy image thieves we used to advise people to alter the original image and let the world know about the “new” image location. Some lovely examples were along the lines of “This image was stolen by [thief name]” and some even went a lot further with full-on offensive pornography. One contact to the original owner of this image in the Caribbean and they could have a lot of fun at Peter’s expense!

peter-vandever-thief2Imagine if the victims of this digital skullduggery decided to take matters into their own hands. Could they arrange a Caribbean-style welcome at the airport when Peter arrived?

Now of course thieves do not attribute the images they steal – that’s the job of investigators like me though . . . I found the original image inside two seconds. I simply did a Google Search for “Jamaica-Trenchtown-U10424.jpg” and located it right away. In my results there is the original, a link from two collections and – what do you know – Peter but Google has crossed the image off saying “image missing”. That’s an alarm bell to an investigator. It’s missing of course because it’s a hot-linked (stolen) image.

But the story is even crazier because the original owner of the image DID NOT and DOES NOT want it copied, so,as you can see here, they watermarked the image with their stake of claim. This photograph is not only peter-vandever-thief4COPYRIGHT URBANVILLAGEIMAGES it is clearly watermarked as a copyright work and displayed on Peter’s website!!!

So that’s two separate thefts confirmed – one by the original photographer of who knows how many pass-offs – a Christian brother; a professional in the same country; and then a refusal to apologise, a hurried removal and cover-up of the crime and now a theft by way of hot-link to a photograph image business that clearly doesn’t want their work stolen but Peter has done, in a tricky, technical savvy manner, most likely so that he can say that he never actually stole it, he just linked to it! Try that one on Getty Images Peter and you’ll be paying a lot more than your airfare out of trouble to get out of trouble with them!

peter-vandever-thief6At this point Peter Vandever apologists will no doubt be calling foul play, it’s all a big a stitch-up, and that this was just a minor slip-up or a once only mistake . . . or whatever!

But no . . . this is all just the start! Take this image from the same page (all these posts recent ones BTW) and do a search for it yourself. Here’s the link to make it easy for you: Search Google for face-off-pacquiao-vs-bradley.jpg. It’s stolen from some pretty big boys in the global digital space. Not wise methinks!

And more? How about this one from, for realtime exposure of hot-linking!

There will be more thefts I’m sure. Someone else could easily go deeper and I’ll update the world in due course.

What’s Your Bet?

Most cockroaches scurry away when the light comes on. Anyone want a bet what this Christian Missionary will be doing now? My bet that Peter will remove all these images now, and nothing more will be said, except that he will probably pull out the “I’m a victim” victimisation line. If this is the case then I’ll agree with him on this – he is a victim – of his own making.

“Place your bets ladies and gentlemen . . . ”


* This is validation by way of an email interchange with Thomas Tham. I’ve removed his personal details at his request. 

Hi Thomas
I have been advised that your photography has been stolen by Peter Vandever
I see this is confirmed with this screenshot:
Can you please validate this claim for me?
If this is correct then I will update my post appropriately
I believe that Peter has every right to act as he wishes as long as he lives. We too though have every right to share that conduct with the world.
In regards to Christian forgiveness it is my belief that we should honour God by forgiving but also by speaking the truth, especially when there is injustice that can and will continue if nobody speaks out.
I take on that role.
Dennis A. Smith – – My digital home

Hi Dennis,

Yes I can confirm that Peter has indeed stolen many of my images and in separate comments he even claimed that he has sold them and about to walk away with USD10,000 from an art exhibition in Kansas city. I am not sure how true is that until it could be validated.
I believe in doing what is right for our Lord but I would not waste too much time in dealing with distraction on Peter’s wrongdoings. I am really grateful if the internet community could help to expose, warn and take appropriate actions.

Hi Dennis,

> Yes I can confirm that Peter has indeed stolen many of my images and in separate comments he even claimed that he has sold them and about to walk away with USD10,000 from an art exhibition in Kansas city. I am not sure how true is that until it could be validated.

Thanks Thomas. I will proceed with a new post now

> I believe in doing what is right for our Lord but I would not waste too much time in dealing with distraction on Peter’s wrongdoings. I am really grateful if the internet community could help to expose, warn and take appropriate actions.

OK The post will be direct, specific, quote you in full and provide the evidence. I will also post commentary. It is my belief that he has psychiatric issues.

Thanks for confirming – blessings to you

The Peter Vandever Series:

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  1. peter also stole myriam thibeault’d photos. no one hacked his website. he shut it down himself. we created an online community for cybershaming grabbers in facebook — Photograbbers Wall Of Shame. we plan yo maintain this moving forward so as to protect amateur and professional photographers.

    he was kicked out in various facebook groups for lambasting proverty. he blocks every person who disagrees with him.

    • Thank you for responding here kat
      > peter also stole myriam thibeault’d photos.
      If you supply evidence of this I will update this post accordingly
      > no one hacked his website. he shut it down himself.
      LOL – that’d be right! While I cannot confirm this and you have provided no evidence (how can you prove a negative?) this claim DOES fit his modus operandi perfectly. Again if you wish to bring witnesses to this page I will publish their comments of support
      > he was kicked out in various facebook groups for lambasting proverty.
      Yes, I have noted this too. His track record around the Pacific shows a pattern of aggression towards cultures that he lives in. NOw that in itself is not a problem for me. He is a good thinker and has shared his thoughts freely. I scraped his entire website in researching for this post and it is huge with a lot of good thoughts, many of which I agree with, but on this one topic of money, and especially in the third world, I think he can be overly negative. I respect his right to speak freely. I appreciate his intellect. I do not respect his deliberate, conscious misrepresentation especially when it affects other people adversely which is the reason I wrote this post.
      > he blocks every person who disagrees with him.
      Yes, I know. It is important for manipulators of the truth to control their environment so that supports [believers] can be together and feed off each other. The way that these people do it is to create a conflict situation THEM vs US and then manipulate that polarised situation for personal gain – sympathy in Peter’s case and historically funding for Christian ministry. Getting the truth out there like I have done and will continue to do however neutralises this deception when people bother to Google for his name – and believe me, they do!

      • Hi there!
        I am Myriam Thibeault and I will be happy to show you some printscreens I took to prove that he stole two of my pictures. They were portraits of my friend Laurence. You can write me a email or a message on my facebook photography page.

        • Hi Myriam
          Sorry to hear that this happened to you.
          Going public does two things: 1. It shows the world that you are prepared to stand up for what is yours and 2. It shows to the world the real Peter Vandever.
          Send me either a link or the screen shots and I will link and/or post them.
          Not all Christian Missionaries steal photographs and pass them off as their own I can assure you!

      • hi 🙂 it’s me again.

        the jabez prints webpage was the one i got right after he discovered that we found out about his thievery. people have been getting screenshots of his page so he shut it down to avoid us from getting all the content.

        thomas is taking the lawsuit to singapore because of citizenship. singapore has more strict rules on copyright works

  2. emmanuel says:

    In addendum to this, I have even seen other facebook page members complain because this Peter seems to use other person’s photo of for-sale-items to sell his own item, specifically a Nikon D7000. As reading through this issue on the internet, I have observed this Peter claims to have different equipments in photography and yet I havnt seen a picture of him holding such. This Peter Vandever is a shame to Filipinos and Americans as well for he claims to be affiliated to both.

    • Thank you for responding here Emmanuel
      > In addendum to this, I have even seen other facebook page members complain because this Peter seems to use other person’s photo of for-sale-items to sell his own item, specifically a Nikon D7000.
      Repeating behaviour of course
      > As reading through this issue on the internet, I have observed this Peter claims to have different equipments in photography and yet I havnt seen a picture of him holding such.
      I’ve had this niggling in my mind too – does he have these cameras even at all and were they even stolen? It seems a little bit fortuitous – but you never know with thieves – they always lie too. I chose not to blog about this because I didn’t want to bring speculation into the post – I wanted it dead-straight with my opinion strongly based on fact, so who knows!
      > This Peter Vandever is a shame to Filipinos and Americans as well for he claims to be affiliated to both.
      I can understand how you feel. I have a different view of it though, probably because I understand psychiatric issues. Yes, Peter has done things that are wrong – yes he is a liar and a thief and more, but if he is fighting himself over the truth about who he really is, then a blanket “get lost go to hell” approach is counter-productive. Exposure and speaking directly retains an independence and depowers Peter’s games of manipulation. It also keeps the door open to the remote (yes ultra-remote I know) possibility that the guy may go back to his counsellors and submit to proper care. You gotta fess up to reality first though and that’s the hard thing most people can never do! Bugger that pride thing eh?
      Thanks for swinging past this page and bothering to comment.
      Happy snapping where ever you are

  3. And now he is posting this:

    Gotta love this guy.

  4. Nic Houghton says:

    What nationality is Mr Vandever? He appears to have been born in The Philippines and his written English style occasionaly looks like a natural born Filipino. Clearly he has western blood from his own image but I get the impression he has been in The Philipiines a long time.

    • Yes I believe that you are right. An American born and raised in the Philippines and schooled in the USA from memory, but you can ask him this if you wish. He does talk rationally to some people sometimes.

      • Darren R. says:

        He was not raised in the Philippines – he was born at Subic but both of his parents are American. Dennis, he is also a true sociopath – specifically, narcissistic personality disorder. People like Peter have (literally) no sense of shame, compassion or empathy.

        Thanks for taking the time to post this information so that others can know the real Peter Vandever.

        • Thank you for contributing to public knowledge of the real Peter Vandever, Darren. For those who don’t know, Subic was a US naval base in the Philippines ( Your comments about his psychiatric condition are illuminating and ring true to me (although as I keep saying, I am not a shrink). You are dead right about Peter having literally no sense of shame, compassion or empathy. Peter himself acknowledges this – it is also clear from his conduct online (and in person) and also (inversely) the way that he “wears a lot on his sleeve” – speaking about personal matters in the open. Thanks for bothering to contribute here.

        • He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. His claims to have been born in the Philippines are tall tales, just like almost everything else he claims.

  5. I tried to warn people over a year ago about this con. I knew it would catch up with him some day. Others have let him back into the forums out of empathy…big mistake. I’m glad he has been put out, and is leaving. He will become discovered in another hemisphere quickly. Good ridance.

    • He has threatened to ‘leave’ for a while and tends to mouth off thoughts as they come to him but Peter’s unique self-centric way of living life will remain with him where ever he goes.

  6. here is a fact about Mr. Peter Vandever: On January 3, 2007, he was arrested for the crime of Sexual Misconduct – 2nd Degree (MISDEMEANOR CLASS B) in the state of Missouri. He pleaded guilty. Party Name: VANDEVER, PETER A Court Description: 5th Judicial Circuit Filing Date: 01/04/2007 Case Number: 07BU-CR00020 Disposition: Guilty Plea 

    • Thank you for this information. Yes I can confirm that indeed Peter has a conviction for a sexual misconduct to which he pleaded guilty in 2007. This conduct (exposing himself or partaking in sexual activity in public) is in keeping with abnormal conduct around women reported to me anonymously much more recently. My interest and focus has been his unrepentant plagiarism and fraudulent presentation of himself as a Christian Missionary – fraudulent in the sense that there is another side of the man that most potential supporters do not know about by reading his online materials. Thank you for highlighting this aspect of Mr Vandever’s past.

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