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  1. This guy Peter Vandever made a YT video about you being deported from Samoa just today (July 23, 2017). He posted a document which clearly showed your name. This is against the Privacy Policy of YouTube which you could flag that video he just made. It would be a strike against him on YouTube Policy guidelines and could eventually bring down his hate channel. Here’s the link of that video: https://youtu.be/GhaVBwtWYGI

    • Thanks. Peter made a comment here a couple of days ago. I ignored it. I have posted a response to his YouTube:

      I can confirm that this file is correct and that I am the one who published it. The full story is that I actually wasn’t deported just declared a prohibited immigrant secretly (against the law) then tricked to (lied to) to get me out of the country, and yes, it takes a lot to get this treatment. One has to ask the question why, what happened? doesn’t one? The PM of Samoa is as pissed off with me as [you are] PV is. Relentless; fearless & accurate. Thanks for the exposure Peter. Please do what you can to spread the word further!

      A few things:

      1. Small things amuse small minds. I never did anything much with it at the time. You ping someone like Peter Vandever or the PM of Samoa with the truth and move on. Bitterness is natural but unhealthy. Peter has health issues. I simply deal with facts, fearlessly.
      2. To the discerning, getting trashed by writing a book called “Corruption in Samoa” where I expose the PM’s infidelity for the first time in public actually increases one’s credibility. It shows those without an a priori agenda that I am fearless, prepared to pay the price and am probably on the nail.
      3. Peter Vandever lacks a good grasp of reality, has psychiatric issues and doesn’t realise what others can all see – twisting things for his own ends; laughing at the ‘misfortunes’ of others and applying logical fallacies creates more evidence of who he is.
      4. While losing all at the hands of political and spiritual corruption sucks, Tuila’epa actually did me a favour doing what he did – now the world can see the reality of corruption in Samoa, and the discerning can see the deep commitment to speaking the truth and therefore the quality of my work. What is good for the goose is good for the gander – if I got under the skin of a corrupt political leader by speaking fact, then I sure as eggs have done the same with Peter Vandever
      5. Most of the world are shocked and saddened at what happened to me in Samoa. Only a nasty, bitter fool would gloat about it – or someone who had psychiatric issues and didn’t play a straight ball.

      Unlike Peter, I’m actually ambivalent about exposure, but thanks to Peter nonetheless for the exposure.

      In regards to “bringing down his hate channel” I think that exposure of his thinking helps the world see who he really is. Remember that I am the one who put this document online, and wrote it up. I am the one who took Peter Vandever on and flushed his true nature out, relentlessly and effectively. The last thing I want is to be seen to cover things up. I do appreciate the heads-up though – thank you!

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